(Clearwisdom.net) First of all, I would like to send my regards to great and compassionate Master and to my fellow practitioners!

In my eight years of Fa-rectification cultivation, I have sighed with emotion over my experiences, especially when I faced life and death challenges or when I have had to make a choice between acting like a god or a human being. Fortunately, I have exercised my freedom of choice to stay on my path toward godhood. Like millions of other practitioners, I was able to survive all tribulations, stabilize, and mature in validating the Fa. It happened only because of Master's vast compassion and great care for me. Now I want to share my experience of Master's vast and mighty compassion and practitioners' accomplishments in Fa-validation.

Section 1

In the early summer of 2001 I worked at a local site that produced informational materials that exposed the persecution. My experiences made me clearly realize that without Master's protective care, we may stumble at every step.

Not long after I started working at the site, two other practitioners there met with persecution: one was sent to a forced labor camp and the other was incarcerated in a brainwashing center. I took over all the tasks at the materials production site. There was no place in 2001 to access the Internet in our area. We could only copy materials passed along to us from other places. Later on, the materials sites nearby were destroyed. We could only get a very few materials and were unable to update our information for a long time. Fellow practitioners thought that our materials were boring and scarce and asked for updated materials. We thought about how to break through the Internet blockade and how to locate practitioners with relevant technological knowledge. After discussing the situation, we bought a computer for editing the materials and made preparations for future access of the Internet.

Less than one week after we bought the computer, one of the practitioners involved in the purchase was arrested at home. Not long after, the practitioner in charge of passing along materials to us was also arrested. Faced with the rampant persecution and wicked environment, we knew we had to go forward firmly. I said to myself: "Once the arrow is shot, it is impossible to make it come back. Now that we have started to do this, we must not give up and we must go all the way." Even if we lacked experience, we knew that we were under Master's protective care and would make it through the jungle, no matter how hard it might be.

I often thought that the crazier the evil, the more tightly practitioners should connect as a whole to act in full force. We met with practitioners in the nearby countryside. We found that these fellow practitioners were at a really good cultivation level. The persecution never made them waver or retreat. Nevertheless, they could barely get any information. The practitioner who had transferred materials to them had been arrested. The materials production sites in the two neighboring areas had also been destroyed. We wondered how we could meet Master's demand to, "Validate the Fa with rationality, clarify the truth with wisdom, spread the Fa and save people with mercy." ("Rationality" from Essentials for Further Advancement II)

After communicating with rural practitioners, we quickly decided that we would set up a materials production facility in the countryside. Practitioner A and I bought equipment and accessories in the city and set up the first materials production facility without a hitch. Even if the equipment was simple, the materials produced were distributed to every village in that area, which enabled more people to learn the truth about Dafa.

When we were in touch with the rural practitioners, we often reminded ourselves that we were all equal and we shouldn't show off and validate ourselves. For several years we cooperated with each other and seldom disagreed. After a considerable time I heard some praise about our work. At first it felt good to hear, but with more and more praise, I realized that something was wrong. Master said, "For a cultivator, all the frustrations he comes across among everyday people are trials, and all the compliments he receives are tests." ("A Cultivator is Naturally Part of It" in Essentials for Further Advancement)

I knew I shouldn't be tempted by words of praise, but still I kept on listening to it. Later on, a practitioner even said, "We couldn't had reached this stage without you." That made me sit up. I replied quickly, "All was arranged and done by Master. We are the same. It's just that different practitioners have different paths and different jobs."

I knew that it was really dangerous for me to hear fellow practitioners saying things like that. Perhaps I sometimes unconsciously had the mindset of validating myself and wanted to show off among practitioners that I was better than others. Otherwise, why would other practitioners say things like that? I discovered that deep down I really longed for recognition and even if it was deeply hidden, the undesirable factor sometimes cropped up. I made up my mind to get rid of it and often reminded myself to compare my shortcomings with other's strong points. I must really cultivate myself. After some time-consuming effort, the desire for recognition was gradually purged and I no longer heard words of praise.

Section 2

An 80-year old-practitioner lived behind our rented room, which was located in a house that belonged to her son. There was a small gate in the wall behind our rented room. The older practitioner entered the yard daily to fetch water. When we lived there, the small gate had another function. The older practitioner would come to us for Fa study through this gate every afternoon. If she could not go through this back gate, she would have had to go the long way around by the front gate to get to us, and her neighbor might easily have noticed that she visited us every day. The neighbors might think this odd because we were neither relatives nor friends, and there was a large age gap. Her neighbor did know she was a practitioner.

After Master's article, "Hurry Up And Tell Them" was published, the older practitioner went out with a young practitioner every day to do truth clarification. Sometimes they even went dozens of miles away to the countryside. The older practitioner occasionally went to a bus station by herself to explain the truth about Falun Gong. Once she saw that there were people on the bus, she would get on the bus and tell them the facts. After the bus departed, she would get on another bus and continue with her campaign. Her life was simple. To save time, she usually cooked a pot of noodles and might eat this for a whole day. After breakfast every day she would go out to tell people the facts, come back in the afternoon, and then join us to study the Fa.

One day, this practitioner's grandson's wife unexpectedly asked someone to carry some bricks to the yard to seal the back yard gate. Her reason was that the gate might bring bad luck to her family. It was not proper for the old practitioner to stop the grandson's wife. The gate was almost sealed. We were not disturbed and firmly sent righteous thoughts. We believed that Master would help us. At the last moment the practitioner's older son arrived and told the worker to take down the bricks. The son said to his daughter-in-law, "If you block the back yard door, how can your grandmother fetch water?"

Not long after that, the grandson's wife asked somebody to dig a well in their yard. With a kind of pleasure, the grandson's wife thought that if the older practitioner could fetch water in her own yard, she would be able to seal up the gate. We sent righteous thoughts together again so that the evil factors in other dimensions would fail. We sent righteous thoughts for a whole morning, and they dug the well for the whole morning. No matter what happened, we unconditionally believed in Master and the Fa. Finally, the older practitioner's other son arrived and asked, "This is my place. How could you dig a well at my home without my permission?" No matter how the woman explained, the son simply wouldn't allow her to do it. The woman had to give up, and another obstacle was cleared away. We realized once again that as long as we maintain righteous thoughts, Master can remove any obstacle. We also realized the importance of sending righteous thoughts.

After failing twice, the evil factors in other dimensions came up with a new way to interfere with us. One morning, the grandson's wife arrived with an aggressive attitude and said, "I need this house. You must move at once!" We knew that the evil in other dimensions made her act this way. Her attitude did not affect us and we told her calmly, "You should talk reasonably. We have so many things that we couldn't move at once. We need time to find a new place." She changed her attitude suddenly and said that she could give us several days and left.

After she left, I exchanged opinions with fellow practitioners. All of us thought, "We are not attached to living anywhere specific. All is up to Master. If Master wants us to move, we'll move. If Master doesn't want us to go, no one else can have the last word. The woman will take back what she said about it." Our thought was simple and righteous: "It's up to Master to arrange our future path." The woman came back in the evening and said to us smilingly, "You don't need to move." Then she left, as if nothing had happened.

Everything happened so dramatically--Master helped us all the way. The whole process was one of evaluating whether we believed in Master and the Fa from the beginning to the end, and whether we could keep maintain righteous thoughts without any doubts. It was delightful that the older practitioner clarified the truth to her grandson's wife without rancor. She gave her truth-clarification materials. The woman was quite willing to listen and thought Dafa was good. We were happy that a life was saved.

Due to Fa-validation requirements, I left the city one year later. The period of getting along with the older practitioner foreshadowed future Fa-validation activities.

Section 3

With Master's arrangement we set up Internet access. Master arranged for a practitioner from elsewhere to help us. The practitioner in charge of accessing the Internet quickly learned the technology and how to log onto the Minghui/Clearwisdom website. This person also undertook the important task of downloading truth-clarification materials from the website. When I saw the practitioner fulfilling this task, I was greatly encouraged and felt at ease.

If we want to liken Master's Fa-rectification to a great show, then it is Master who had arranged and designed every scene and every plot, from beginning to end, according to each practitioner's pre-historic vow. As Fa-rectification period disciples, we are playing the leading roles in the show. All depends on the depth of one's Fa study. If one is to play a good role according to Master's requirements, he must study the Fa well and believe firmly in Master and the Fa.

During the past eight years of persecution, I often met unknown and unsung practitioners who took on the important Dafa tasks when necessary. They don't make themselves known, they don't show off, but they calmly do great work. When I got in touch with them, I found they really cultivated themselves solidly. I could always find my shortcomings after comparing myself to them.

Between 2001 and 2002, many materials production sites were destroyed. It was very difficult to find a suitable place to access the Internet. At that time, even some local practitioners' "Solemn Statement" would have to be sent one or two thousand miles away to be uploaded to the Minghui website. After we had Internet access, the materials site became just like a lotus, blossoming during adversity. We downloaded and printed Master's lectures, copies of "Minghui Weekly," and other truth-clarification materials. Printed materials were sent to many cities and counties nearby, until 2006, when small materials production sites gradually came into being everywhere.

During the initial period when we accessed the Internet, I realized that although we had established a materials production site, it was only one step on our path of Fa-validation. During daily routines at the site we had to "cultivate our speech" and keep the work secret from all those not working at the site. A small slip up might lead to unexpected trouble in our work. And every practitioner at the site had to keep up with Fa-study and sending righteous thoughts. No matter how busy we were, we had to do the three things well or else it would be really difficult for us to reach the standard of the Fa and be competent enough to do the work required at the site.

Even though we were all aware of this, certain individual practitioners were unable to keep a secret and said things they shouldn't have, and our site experienced severe interference. Cultivation of speech and keeping secrets are requirements of the Fa. We must keep our sites safe and never let down our guard. This is not an issue of whether or not we believe in our fellow practitioners, but an issue of whether we are responsible for the Fa and for other practitioners' safety.

Continuous Fa study makes me understand how solemn cultivation is. Especially under the frantic persecution, if a practitioner can't really be responsible for the Fa and for the safety of fellow practitioners, how can he undertake the work at a materials production site? Particularly in this circumstance, we must never say anything we shouldn't.

Due to needs elsewhere, I left the site before long, and another practitioner took over my job. That practitioner thoughtlessly took Practitioner B to the materials site for a reason irrelevant to the site work. In 2002, Practitioner B was arrested and revealed the address under torture and after being deceived by the persecutors. Many practitioners were implicated because of his indiscretion and betrayal.

According to Master's teachings, I kept reminding of myself to pay attention to cultivation of speech at all times. I think that our cultivation of speech is different than keeping secrets. Keeping a secret means that you are forced to do so, but cultivation of speech is a state reached by practitioners in the process of cultivation, a state free of attachments. Master said in The Law of Zhuan Falun Explained,

"Cultivation is about getting rid of every kind of attachment you have, which fundamentally means cultivating your mind." Then at the crucial time, Master will see whether we make up our mind, whether we can give up everything, even our lives, for Dafa. I understood through Fa study that the level of cultivation is reated to how many things you have done or how important they are, but to how you have cultivated your mind.

Section 4

In 2002, the truth clarification materials production site in the city where the older woman practitioner lived was destroyed. Dafa work there almost stopped. For approximately two years after that incident, the practitioners there had to get materials from other cities. I was responsible for passing along materials to them. The older woman practitioner was the person who received the materials. I felt that it was not a good way to transfer materials like this for long, and I should help them to establish a new materials production site. I asked the older practitioner to introduce me to a capable practitioner. But practitioners in that city were very worried about it. I didn't to push them. I knew that no matter how frantic the persecution was, setting up the site itself was not difficult; the hard thing was to find a suitable person who might risk doing it, someone who was not afraid to lose everything.

I kept thinking that it was no good to transfer materials like this. I entreated Master, "Master, please arrange for me to meet the practitioner who wants to do the work, and let's set up the site sooner rather than later." I asked the older practitioner to look for a suitable candidate again. At last I got in touch with Practitioner C who used to be main person in charge in the area, but he was still hesitant about doing it. I knew that Practitioner C had attended Master's classes in person several times, and I believed that he would do it. We met each other a second time and exchanged opinions from the standpoint of the Fa. I asked him to think over what we as practitioners should do it at this crucial time. He agreed and soon accepted my suggestions. He took me to choose a place for the materials production site.

At the beginning of 2004, we established a large-scaled material site.

With things changing, the location changed and the person in charge also changed. Because of some technology issues and the necessity to buy certain accessories, I didn't go to their site for a while. When I did go, I found two younger women, one in her 20s and the other a young mother in her 30s. I didn't have qualms about their working at the site at all. I knew that it was great for them to undertake the task under such frightening circumstances. After exchanging a few words, I found them to be reasonable and responsible. When I taught them how to operate the new machine, it didn't start and did not respond when we turned on the power. The machine should have been fine. What was the matter? I really didn't know how to deal with it, even if sometimes I could fix small problems. Then I suddenly realized that it was disturbance from the evil in other dimensions. I asked the young practitioner to sit and send righteous thoughts. We had just started when the power came on, and everything was OK. Then another woman arrived and said, "Once you started to send righteous thoughts I saw a blue light shooting through room." Together we witnessed Dafa's miracle and the power of righteous thoughts.

After much contact with the two young practitioners, I found that they didn't show off, did not validate themselves, and merely worked silently and with a great sense of responsibility at the site. They had begun the cultivation relatively late--one in 1999, the other in 2000. They were not well known among practitioners and simply did things without fanfare.

Once Practitioner C asked where the site had moved to. I didn't tell him. It was against my rule to tell him. He had bought the machine and had been the main person to rebuild the materials site. Was it reasonable not to tell him? To be responsible to the Fa and for the safety of fellow practitioners working at the site, I knew I should keep it from him and not worry about what people thought or for the sake of a social relationship. I shouldn't mind what Practitioner C would think, or whether or not he would understand. Because he didn't personally take part in the work there, he did not need to know any details about the site.

Several months later, more than twenty practitioners were arrested, including Practitioner C. Because Practitioner C had not abandoned his attachment to human emotions, he didn't flee, even though he had two opportunities. Once in prison, he told his captors almost everything he knew, including who helped set up the site, who was responsible for transferring materials, and even who could access the Internet. When the authorities asked the location of the materials site and who worked there, he couldn't tell them because he didn't know. Thus we avoided a bigger loss.

There is saying among ordinary people: "Disaster emanates from careless talk." Or, in English, "Loose lips sink ships." If a practitioner faced with persecution doesn't pay attention to cultivation of speech, he may bring damage to other practitioners. To be really responsible to fellow practitioners and consider everything from the point of view of the Fa, we must be tight-lipped.

This incident caused drastic losses to the Dafa work in the city. All channels for passing along materials were destroyed, and the two young ladies had to develop new channels. It presented an obvious, tremendous difficulty for them. I contacted them more frequently, as I had to send them original articles from Minghui Weekly and other truth-clarification materials when they couldn't find any practitioner to access the Internet.

Once when I brought them some original articles, I found that their door was locked. The neighbor said, "The lady went to X Street." I was not familiar with the city. I begged Master to help me, "Master, please let me meet her midway." I walked for about a mile and turned onto a small road where I saw a man. I asked the man where the street was. But a woman replied that you shouldn't try to go from here to that street. I looked up and saw the fellow practitioner right in front of me. This was really a wonderful arrangement by Master. The fellow practitioner said, "I don't normally take this street, but somehow I ended up on this street."

At the beginning of 2005, in order to keep up with the process of Fa-rectification, we started to print large quantities of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party at the site. Practitioners were quite busy every day. At that time, only one other practitioner and I worked at the site. I was also in charge of machinery maintenance, purchasing accessories, and passing materials to certain places. That was the busiest time, but I never felt tired or found it hard to do it. I just felt I was bathed in Master's great blessings.

With the workload becoming heavier and heavier, we were really short of hands. I said to Master in my heart, "Master, I am really too busy. Would you please arrange it so two fellow practitioners might find someone who could access the Internet?" Before my plea, I had tried several times to teach the young women how to access the Internet, but we failed. One day I sent original articles to them, and the younger practitioner said happily, "We found someone who knows how to access the Internet. You no longer need to send us articles." At once I felt that a big burden was lifted. Master always knows what his disciples need.

(To be continued)