In May 2006, my black hair was falling out rapidly. My relatives and friends believed that I had a strange illness, and tried to persuade me to go and see a doctor. One of my relatives even gave me the money and asked me to go for treatment. I did not take it seriously and believed that I was eliminating karma, and I did not pay it much attention. I continued to do the three things entrusted to us by Master.

Some time after that, I found that I did not do well in clarifying the truth. When people saw that much of my hair had turned grey, and that my hair was also thinning, they looked at me strangely. One day when I was clarifying the truth to someone, he asked me, "You say Falun Dafa is good. How come your hair is falling after practicing it?" I replied, "When you start cultivation, you will come across tribulations. " I took it as a tribulation that I should shoulder myself.

However, his question made me understand that my physical condition had a bad impact on clarifying the truth, which also has an impact on people's righteous belief in Dafa. My hair was still falling out, one big cluster after another. It really did not look good. People wouldn't believe in me. My heart was getting uneasy, and I started to look at things with human notions (at that time, I still did not know how to check inside myself). I thought this was not alright, and it should not have an impact on the effect of clarifying the truth. I decided that no matter what, I should take care of the problem with my hair. With this kind of mentality, I bought medicine and took three pills. That night, I dreamed that I was falling down a huge mountain. After awakening, I realized that Master used this to enlighten me to the fact that I made a mistake. The next day, I threw out all the medicine. I still did not look inside, and I told my acquaintance repeatedly, "My hair will definitely grow back."

Two more months passed and my hair did not grow back. Instead, what was left all fell out. My brothers kept asking me to go and see a doctor. They suggested that I had cancer. I answered with determination, "I am a Dafa practitioner. These kinds of things won't happen to me." I thought that my determined belief in Master and the Fa did not waver. But sometimes I also felt very pained. When I held a mirror in my hand, I was thinking, how can things be like this? Actually, I did not truly have a determined belief in Master. I was not aware of this, and I did not rectify my every single word and action.

After a while, Master published his new article "Disintegrate Completely All the Meddling Deities in the Three Realms that Have a Hand in Interfering with Fa-Rectification." After repeated study of this article, I enlightened to the understanding that the reason my hair fell out is not because of others. It was actually an arrangement made by the old forces and the meddling deities. When I did not walk righteously, the old forces persecuted me with the excuse that I had loopholes, and interfered with me, which resulted in a bad impact in saving sentient beings. So I immediately sat down to send forth the strongest righteous thoughts: never allow any old forces to interfere with my cultivation of Dafa and validating Dafa. Not only did I add this thought the four global set times for sending forth righteous thoughts, I kept sending forth righteous thought whenever I had any free time, even before I went to bed. Sometimes when I woke up in the middle of the night, I also sent forth the righteous thought: I will never acknowledged any of the arrangements made by the old forces; I am a Dafa practitioner, and the old forces are not entitled to make arrangements for me.

In this way, with Master's compassionate care, within one short month, my hair miraculously grew back gradually.

My relatives and friends saw the mighty power of Dafa from my experience, and several of them even started to practice Falun Dafa.

After this experience, I enlightened to the understanding that the factors of the old forces are everywhere, and just like Master said, they made very careful arrangements for our lives as cultivators. However, "While a demon is one foot tall, a Dao would be one yard high." All these tribulations were nothing in front of Master. If we study more of the Fa, using the Fa principles to guide our every thought and behavior, and have righteous thought and actions, we have the Fa and Master with us and the old forces dare not touch us. At the same time, no matter what tribulations we face, we should definitely check inside. Be diligent fellow practitioners, let us follow Master closely on our way back home.