Currently, many projects have been initiated and material production sites are booming in our city. More Fa study groups are being established, and practitioners in the neighboring areas are coordinating well. But from time to time, there are complaints that we have not formed one-body in our city.

Most recently, I was deeply shocked when I watched the videotape of "Fa-Teaching Given to the Australian Practitioners." The problems addressed in this lecture exist not only with Australian practitioners, they are also an issue with practitioners in our city, including myself. We devote ourselves to each Dafa project we get involved in, and we do pretty well, but we do not cooperate well with each other, and some even hold others back.

For myself, I have recognized the attachment I had. I thought the projects I participated in were very important, so other practitioners should support me, while I was indifferent to the projects my fellow practitioners were taking part in. Actually, what I was doing was to validate myself. For example, when a fellow practitioner was arrested, I actively participated in the rescue by collecting relevant information and exposing the persecution on the Internet, but when others suggested sending forth righteous thoughts near the detention center, I did not think it was important. I said, "The release of the detained practitioner is the business of the 610 Office and the police department. It would be better to send righteous thoughts near the 610 Office or the police department." In fact, I did not go there either, and yet I rejected my fellow practitioner's righteous actions.

There are quite a few practitioners like me in our city. We are all doing our best with our projects, but we are failing to harmonize as a whole body. Thus, the evil forces can take advantage of our loophole and negatively impact our efforts to save sentient beings and eliminate the evil forces. Five practitioners in our city have been arrested since March 2007, and three of them were sentenced to prison. Although these practitioners may have had their own personal shortcomings, the exploitable loophole in our whole body was an important factor.

As a matter of fact, each Dafa project is very important, and every practitioner is doing what he or she is supposed to do, walking on the path toward godhood. It is impossible for us to take part in every Dafa project, but we should keep righteous thoughts for each Dafa project and keep righteous thoughts for everything fellow practitioners do to validate Dafa. We should try our best to help others and make up for any shortcomings. For example, it is not every practitioner's responsibility to install satellite receivers, but we should still recommend NTDTV to our friends and neighbors; it is impossible for each of us to write articles to expose the persecution and validate Dafa, but each of us should actively provide or collect related information. In this way, the whole body will not be just a superficial form, but also an indestructible one-body established by compassionate, selflessness, and righteous thoughts.

November 23, 2007