(Clearwisdom.net) The horrifying discovery of organ harvesting from living Falun Dafa practitioners and the immediate cremation of their bodies to destroy the evidence was exposed on March 4, 2006. The Falun Dafa Association and the Minghui and Clearwisdom websites started the "Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong in China" (CIPFG). CIPFG is collecting evidence from people who have come forward with information and is calling on people who know the truth to further expose the crimes concerning illegal organ harvesting in China.

We call on all people of conscience to lend their help to expose the facts of this vicious persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners inside secret concentration camps, forced labor camps, prisons, and hospitals in China. The sooner this atrocity is fully exposed, the sooner this brutal persecution will end. Below is information that came to light recently.

The following stories were investigated:

1. Follow-Up Report on Tiedong, Zhongxin, and Tiexi Hospitals in Anshan City Carrying Out Organ Transplants

2. Liaoyang City Suspected of Involvement in Live Organ Harvesting

3. Yunnan Kidney Disease Hospital Continues to Perform a Large Number of Kidney Transplants

1. Follow-Up Report on Tiedong,, Zhongxin, and Tiexi Hospitals in Anshan City Carrying Out Organ Transplant

In 2005, Tiedong, Zhongxin, and Tiexi Hospitals, all three in Anshan City, were given permission to perform organ transplants. Insiders were aware that these three hospitals were already performing organ harvesting and transplantation. Formal authorization enabled the covert operations of these hospitals to become legitimate and publicly recognized.

On June 7, 2006, the Minghui website reported that hospitals from Anshan City in Liaoning Province took part in organ transplants. Over the past few years, Tiedong Hospital has performed over 100 kidney transplants. Last year this hospital carried out over 40 transplants, with 10 of those taking place within the past month alone. Four of the operations were done on the same day. The price of the operation is as low as 40,000 to 50,000 yuan, and some people are able to receive their transplant as soon as they arrive. Others only have to wait for a few months. When asked whether kidneys were obtained from executed prisoners, we were told that the sources for the kidneys were highly confidential. Patients are advised that several operations can be done at one time and "no waiting is necessary." Meanwhile, at Zhongxin Hospital and Tiexi Hospital, kidney transplants are carried out as well. Tiexi Hospital has had one patient death as a result of transplantation.

These hospitals in Anshan City are also supply organs to other places. In late March 2005, patient Li Gang, 39 years old, had his heart transplant done at Dalian University Affiliated Hospital. The president of the Dalian hospital sent a team to obtain a heart for transplantation. With police escort, they took the Shenda Highway route that allowed them to travel 400km in only a couple of hours. The surgery was performed by Xie Qiang, the Director of the Cardiovascular Surgical Department at the hospital.

A recent investigation revealed that there were 36 Falun Dafa practitioners illegally detained in the Number 66751 Army Hospital of the Chinese People's Liberation Army in Tangzigang, Liaoning Province. The practitioners were from Sujiatun.

People who are involved in organ transplantation in three Anshan City hospitals

Tiedong (General) Hospital:Li Jingshu MD, Urinary Surgery Department
Chi Shiping, Medical Director
Zheng Yugang and others are directly involved in organ transplantsFax: 86-412-6313773Website: Http://www.TDHOSPITAL.comTel: 86-412-6724436, 86-412-6724415, 86-412-6706223 (Patients' Care Center)

Zhongxin Hospital:Lu Qian, Deputy Director of the Surgical Department
Xu Zhong and Sun Mengren, Deputy Directors of the Urinary Surgical Department
Zhu Xuezhong, Deputy Director of the Critical Care Unit
Wang Yumin, President of Anshan City Zhongxin Hospital
Cheng Bi, Vice President of Anshan City Zhongxin Hospital
President's Office: 86-412-5535519; Office of the Secretary of the CCP Committee: 86-412-5533025
Vice-President Office: 86-412-5535782
Switchboard: 86-412-555515

Tiexi Hospital:

Zhong Honglei, Director of the Urinary Surgery Department
Li Yongguang, Liu Wei, Pan Bin, Zhao Xu, Chen Dong, Zhao Qinggang and others , Urinary Surgery Department
Xiong Ling, President of Tiexi Hospital
Gao Wei, Secretary of the CCP Committee
Inquiry number: 86-412-8849405
Switchboard: 86-412-8814448
The CCP Committee: 86-412-8812591

2. Liaoyang City Hospital Suspected of Involvement in Live Organ Harvesting

There are many hospitals in Shenyang that are suspected of being involved in organ transplantation. We have evidence indicating that two hospitals are involved in kidney transplants.

A. Liaoning Province Liberation Army 201 Hospital

This hospital, located at No.12 Xidongyi Street in Liaoyang City (zip code 110043) specializes in organ transplants, and the fee is only around 50,000 yuan. The hospital has performed over 30 kidney transplants annually. Since 1999, over 200 transplants have been performed. The Urinary Surgery Department of this hospital is the main department responsible for kidney transplants. The Director of this department, Dr Zhen Changchun, has performed 254 kidney transplants and trained many doctors in these procedures. This department has earned a profit for the hospital that exceeds five million yuan a year. In 2005, they received an award from the hospital as well as the "Advanced CCP Committee Award" from the Shenyang military department.

Those taking part in organ transplants from the Urinary Surgical Department include:

Zhen Changchun, Director of the Urinary Department

Zhang Wujie, Associate Director of the Urinary Department
Others - Jiang Liangbo, He Ren, Lu Xiaojun, Zhu Xiaoying, Zheng Dongfeng, Chen Zekui, Zhang Xiaolei, Gao Xue, Xu Ruisheng, Ma Li, Qi Yuling, Liu Xiaochun, Man Shouze

Wang Fangming, President of the Liberation Army 201 Hospital and a representative of the People's Congress
Hou Shumin, Secretary of the CCP
Others - Sun Qinghua, Hou Shumin Sun Qinghua
Switchboard: 86-419-3666777

B. Liaoyang City Zhongxin Hospital

In Liaoyang City, Zhongxin Hospital carries out kidney transplants as well and recently completed several operations. Director of the Urinary Surgical Department Ting Yongnan graduated from Jinzhou City Medical Hospital in 1988. He has published an article entitled, "Research on 25 Live Kidney Transplants."

Those involved in kidney transplantation include:

Ding Yongxue, director
Others - Yu Hua, Yang Fenling, Wang Yi, Guan Qi, Guan Hao, Li Xiaohong, Wang Xiaofeng, Chen Lijun, Shi Guangyue
Chen Xijun, male and a citizen of Liaoyang City, was born in 1960 and graduated from Beijing Medical University with an undergraduate degree in 1983. He was formerly the President of Liaoyang City Zhongxin Hospital and is currently the Secretary of the Liaoyang City Health Bureau and the CCP Committee president.

Sun Du, male, with an undergraduate degree and a CCP member, is currently the President of Liaoyang City Zhongxin Hospital, a representative of the People's Congress, and a member of the Municipal Political Association.
Liaoyang City Zhongxin Hospital: 86-419-3224330
President's office: 86-419-3232211
Secretary of the CCP Committee: 86-419-3226550
Vice President's office: 86-419-3230362
Website: http://www.lyzxyy120.com

3. Yunnan Kidney Disease Hospital Continues to Perform a Large Number of Kidney Transplants

A reliable source indicated that Yunnan Kidney Disease Hospital, located in Kunming City, is currently still performing a large number of kidney transplants. Since the beginning of the year, about 170 operations have been performed. This hospital is affiliated with the local Red Cross and one of its vice-presidents, Li Guobin, is also a director of the Kidney Transplant Department.

4. Relevant People Responsible for Organ Harvesting in Tongji Hospital of Wuhan City

Directors You Chunjing and Liu Dungu
Associate Directors Ming Changsheng and Lin Zhengbin
Medical doctors performing the transplants are Liu Dungui, Ming Changsheng, and Lin Zhengbin