(Clearwisdom.net) I would like to share what I saw in another dimension when the European Divine Land Marching Band performed in the National Day Parade in Prague. On that Saturday I arrived in Prague before noon. I saw a few members of the European Divine Land Marching Band in Staromak Square. Later, when the band started to perform, I felt a very strong energy emitting out from the band and from every musical note they played. When the band started the parade, it immediately attracted people's attention. Many people turned around and showed a positive response. At that time, I felt that nobody was indifferent. This feeling was even stronger at the front of the band. All of the band members coordinated perfectly.

When the Divine Land Marching Band showed up on the street, I saw a tornado-like swirl that cleaned up all the evil in other dimensions. Afterwards, towards the end of the band's performance, the sky became very bright and blue. The conductor held the Falun baton, and sent all the evil elements nearby to Hell. A strong white light emitted out from the top of the baton and the whole scene became very bright. I could feel the strong energy sent out from the Falun Gong practitioners. Even the non-practitioners followed along with the parade. The band again sent out strong energy.

After the parade finished, my thoughts became very pure. My thanks to Teacher and all practitioners who supported, helped, and organized the parade.