(Clearwisdom.net) When I started doing the three things, studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts at home was not too difficult to accomplish, but when it came to clarifying the truth, I started to have problems. This was because I did not like to make public appearances and also found it awkward to speak up in situations like that. However, since Master expects us to clarify the truth, regardless of how difficult that might be, I must certainly comply and fulfill the requirement.

With regard to not wanting to speak up, not wanting to make public appearances, being clumsy and tongue-tied when communicating with others, all these were postnatal behaviors and thoughts. This includes whether we love something or dislike something--all these were based on human "sentiment" (qing). The process of cultivation requires us to abandon all of these unhealthy preconceived notions and rectify ourselves. When I had thought this far, all of a sudden, the fear of difficulties disappeared, and I was able to step forward to clarify the truth face to face. However, in the beginning, my truth clarification intention was not pure--my starting point and intention for validating the Fa was selfish. It was done with the hope of saving more sentient beings living within my own cosmos, of establishing my own mighty virtue. The intention was full of selfishness. For this reason, I encountered a lot of people that wouldn't listen or pay any attention to quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and/or its affiliated organizations.

Once, a middle-aged man was waiting for a taxi on the roadside. I started to clarify the truth to him. When he heard me mention Falun Gong, he hastily urged me to leave. He even threatened to report me if I continued to talk. I felt embarrassed and awkward. When I thought about it later, I felt really bad and depressed. Whatever Master has asked us to do, if we are unable to get it done, will we still be worthy of being called a Dafa disciple? The only way out was to strengthen my Fa study. In "Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Western U.S. Fa Conference," Master said:

"When you're before sentient beings, as soon as words come out of your mouth and as soon as your thoughts emerge, they are able to disintegrate bad elements and the bad things that poison the world's people and that exist in people's minds. And then people will come to understand, and you'll be able to save them. Without the mighty power of true Shan at work, you won't be able to disintegrate those things, and you won't achieve anything in clarifying the truth."

When I started to look inside to really find out why I was having to face so many obstacles, I realized that it was all because of my neglect in studying the Fa. Without that real, powerful, compassionate energy, it was not possible to disintegrate the bad elements affecting the other party. No wonder the other side wouldn't pay any attention! In "Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference," Master said:

"So I say that the most important goal for you in clarifying the truth is to save even more beings in the process. This is what's foremost, and this is the real purpose of clarifying the truth."

Once I identified my thoughts of selfishness, as well as understood the purpose of clarifying the truth, I started to eliminate those bad thoughts. The result was significant improvement in clarifying the truth and in persuading people to quit the CCP.

When I renovated my home this spring, I clarified the truth to all the contractors that I came across, including carpenters, electricians, roofers, and cleaners. I used various methods to clarify the truth, including suggesting quitting the CCP, dispersing truth-clarification materials, and sending forth righteous thoughts in situations when people did not seem to be paying attention.

My house is not very far from the West Side main road, where people wait for buses every day. This spot became my truth clarification and "quit the CCP" location. Every afternoon, I would go around and hand out truth-clarification materials. Every day there were people that wanted to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. On rare occasions there were some that did not want to quit the CCP. I would clarify the truth as well as provide informational materials so that they could better understand, thus building a solid foundation for other practitioners to continue the truth clarification work in the future.

Through consistent and continuous Fa study, as well as continuing to try to persuade people to quit the CCP, I realized that the process of truth clarification is also the process of eliminating our human attachments and correcting ourselves. The only way I was able to realize this was through constant Fa study and constant improvement. Only then did my truth clarification have a good effect. With this I also realized that the most sacred mission of Fa-rectification Dafa disciples is to save more sentient beings, to unceasingly eliminate our shortcomings, and constantly rectify ourselves.

In the process of clarifying the truth as well as persuading the public to quit the CCP, I discovered that practitioners' perseverance and unceasing efforts have enabled local civil servants, laborers, citizens, businesses people, and those that frequent supermarkets, rural fairs and community groceries, to understand the truth and agree to quit the CCP. Others, however, like those that work in political bureaus, government institutions, government enterprises, and education bureaus, have been deeply poisoned by the CCP. On top of this, because of their more comfortable living conditions, many are unwilling to listen to the truth or to even consider quitting the CCP. We must therefore be sure that we use enormous compassion capable of dissolving iron and steel as we continue to clarify the truth to them and persuade them to resign from the CCP.