(Clearwisdom.net) When I go out, I often take truth clarification materials with me on the subway or buses. Whenever I see Chinese people on my way, I greet them and give them materials with information about Falun Gong. I usually say, "Please look at it and withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its related organizations. It will be good for your future." More than half of the people I meet accept the materials and read them. If there is more time, I give them a petition that supports the withdrawals from the CCP and say, "Hi, please sign and support the people who are quitting the CCP." When there are Chinese sitting next to me on the bus or the subway, it provides a better opportunity for me. I normally ask them for the time first and then start talking about quitting the CCP.

After several months of doing this, I have many stories to tell. Whenever I meet people who have a predestined relationship, I hope not to miss the chance to let them choose a bright future for themselves.

While Waiting for a Bus

Once I saw a young girl who was waiting for a bus, and I gave her a petition supporting the withdrawals from the CCP. She read it and said that she would like to sign it. Soon her bus arrived and as everybody was getting on the bus, she signed the petition, thanked me and then got on the bus.

Another time, I was waiting for the bus with my child. When our bus arrived, I noticed another Chinese person who was waiting for another bus. I went to him and gave him materials and said, "Please read this and withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party and its related organizations. It will be good for your future." He accepted it amiably. I had thirty seconds before I had to get on our bus and I asked him whether he is a member of the CCP. He told me that he is only a member of the Youth League. I then told him that I could help him to withdraw from it by using a nickname, and he agreed. When I started to get on the bus, he came over and helped me with my baby stroller.

One time I saw a boy who looked like a university student from China. When he saw the petition form, he did not hesitate and signed his name sincerely to quit the Youth League. Soon his bus arrived and he looked quite shy. We did not even have time to talk to each other. I encountered many moments like these.

Meeting an Older CCP Member at a Gathering

A friend invited me to a dance party for overseas Chinese. Because I cannot dance and am not interested in learning, I stayed in a guest room. Of course, I did not want just to eat the food, I thought that this could be a chance to meet more predestined people. Later, seven or eight Chinese people came in and we started talking. I learned that most of them were not from China, but from Hongkong or South-east Asia. I talked about how bad the CCP is and they all agreed with me. Then another older man came in. He came from Shanghai and I said to him, "I work for The Epoch Times. Have you read our Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party? After this book was published, more than twenty million Chinese people announced their withdrawals from the Communist Party. Are you a member of the Party?" He said, "Yes, I am." Then I said, "Please withdraw from it at once." He answered, "OK. I know about it." Then he went back to dance again. When the party was about to end, he came towards me. I asked him whether he came to withdraw from the party. He said that he would be happy to quit. I did not even have to tell him why people should quit the party. Obviously, there are a lot of people who understand!

A Christian Whose Face Turned Bright

I once met a lady at a bus stop, who when I tried to give her some truth-clarification materials, refused to take them. I talked with her, however she still told me that she would not quit the party because she is a Christian. I noticed that she was a little bit upset, so I told her that I am a Falun Gong practitioner and that I know about Christianity very well. I also mentioned the famous prediction about quitting the Communist Party which is mentioned in the book of Revelations in the Bible and that it is also a Christian prediction. I said that Christians are kind people and we are absolutely not against them. Then she said happily, "I am not against Falun Gong either." I mentioned that the Communist Party does not believe in God and is against all the theories related to theism. There is a Christian story named "The Exodus" ("the going out of Egypt"). This story told human beings that when God is about to save people, people have to position themselves, and quitting the CCP is a chance for people to position themselves. I showed her many signatures on my petition forms which were given by Christians. Finally, before she got on her bus, she agreed to withdraw from the Communist Party. Actually, most people know within their hearts that the Communist Party is bad. However, they still have some worries. When the worries are gone, they are happy to quit the Communist Party.

The Communist Party in the Eyes of Vietnamese Chinese

Many times have I met Vietnamese Chinese people on the bus. As we talk to each other, I discover that all of them hate the Communist Party. One lady told me that her father escaped to Canada in order to avoid the Communist Party. Vietnam is ruled by the Communist Party and her parents were very afraid of it. One old man told me that Marxism and the Communist Party have bad natures because they cause revolutions and killings, and this is totally against our Chinese traditions. When another man heard this, he nodded his head.

Reactions of Sentient Beings

Occasionally, I meet people with very bad attitudes. Some people extend their hands to take my flyers after I greet them, but when they hear that it is about quitting the CCP, they pull back their hands. I always tell people what kind of flyers I am giving them, because I do not want any flyers to be wasted. But even if they do not want to take them, they will at least know about the issue. This is a chance to offer salvation to them in the future. When some people hear about quitting the CCP, they shake their heads and say that they do not care about it. When things like this occur, I am at least able to talk with them for a short time. However, there are also some people who are deeply poisoned by the CCP. Some people become very angry and walk away as soon as they hear the words Epoch Times. Some people tell me that they are not interested when I show them our petition forms. They also stop me from explaining the issue. I feel sad and uncomfortable when this happens. I know that it happens because my compassion is not strong enough, as I sometimes feel sorry for myself instead of for those who wasted their chance of being saved.

Human Attachments Are Obstacles

Sometimes, I lose chances to talk to people due to my human attachments. I can sense my attachment to fear or misconceptions, which interfere with me, and then I don't want to talk to them. When a person has a good atitude, it will not take me long to help this person to quit the CCP. Of course, it generally takes much more time. However, I sometimes I do not even try because I am thinking of myself. Sometimes, when a Chinese person is sitting next to me on the bus, I only want to send forth righteous thoughts instead of talking to them. But this is just an excuse, and the time I spend on the bus is rather short. Sometimes, those Chinese people have to leave soon after we start talking. I think if it is arranged by Master, it does not matter whether the time is short or long. If I do not value this chance due to my attachments, it will be a pity.

These are my own understandings. Please point out anything inappropriate.