(Clearwisdom.net) On December 26, 2007, the tenth show of NTDTV's Holiday Wonders was presented at the Beacon Theatre amidst warm applause. The cold wind did not deter the audience from attending the show.

Import-export merchant Rodney Vicker (right), his newlywed wife (middle) and friends came to watch the show. He said tenor Guan Guimin sang just like Pavarotti.

New York neurosurgeon Michael Hahn said, "Current shows on Broadway are in a modern style. In contrast, I like this show more. I will attend the Chinese New Year Spectacular show in Radio City in February."

Ms. Sherry Frank and her eleven-year-old son watched the show. She said she especially liked the drum dance and the costumes. She said she would introduce the show to all her friends.

Mr. Rodney Vicker is in the import-export business. He has been to China fifteen times. He brought his newlywed wife and friends to watch the show. He said the show was very good. He went to some Chinese art shows before but never saw such high level performances. He said what he liked most was tenor Guan Guimin's song. "He is just like Pavarotti."

Mr. Vicker and his wife liked the message from the performance "The Power of Awareness." He said he knew of Falun Gong and agreed with the righteous force presented in the program.

New York classical ballet performer and instructor Claudia Stoltman and her brother Adam Stoltman came to watch the show. She said that eastern and western cultures were combined in the performances, yielding excellent audio and visual effects.

As a classical ballet dancer, she especially appreciated the music and delicate illustrations of details in Chinese classical dances. She said that costumes in Chinese classical dance are rich and colorful. In contrast, costumes in classical ballet are relatively simple.

Sherry Frank is a New York artist. She saw the advertisement for Holiday Wonders on TV and was very interested. She and her whole family watched the show. She said, "The show is suitable for all ages. My husband and I wish to have our children learn about Chinese culture. We especially liked that the show has a perfect combination of eastern and western performances." She said that from this show she learned about classical Chinese musical instruments and many other things. Her whole family liked the performance "Drummers of the Tang Court" very much.