(Clearwisdom.net) On December 26, 2007, NTDTV's Holiday Wonders performed its last show of the year in New York's Beacon Theatre to the warm reception of the audience.

The final show of the Holiday Wonders in New York

New York fashion industry executive Wenlong Li said, "This was the best show I have seen in twenty years."

Realtor Ayfantis and his five friends praised the melodious music and inspiring lyrics.

Japanese tea house owner Gao and his friends: "The combinations were perfect. I could feel the greatness of the culture from five thousand years of Chinese history."

Antique dealer Helen Kinoian (second from left), her son Robert Kinoian (second from right), her granddaughter Lucine Kinoian (first from right), and Robert's girlfriend Carol Halebian (first from left) took in the Holiday Wonders show. Helen said that the show was rich both spiritually and culturally.

Nurse Sue Ellen Marczak told the reporter, "This was wonderful. I felt strong energy coursing through my body. This is a unique show. I feel much better now than when I entered the theater."

Vivian Chih and her friend Judy Zhang from Maryland said that they enjoyed the whole performance. Vivian said that she had not seen such traditional Chinese dancing for a long time. Each dance seemed to have great spirit and was worth watching again and again.

Kathleen Flanagan, a psychiatrist from Long Island, invited her mother from Florida to New York for a vacation. The tickets for the show were a holiday gift for her mother. Kathleen said what she liked most was "Drummers of the Tang Court" and the tenors' songs. She said that the tenors' timbre was too beautiful to describe, and the lyrics had rich meaning. The whole performance was peaceful and harmonious.

Paul Shenrbow, who is in academia, called it "such an unforgettable performance". He wanted the reporter to help him convey his appreciation to Divine Performing Arts for the wonderful show.