(Clearwisdom.net) I am a not a very diligent practitioner and have only a shallow understanding of the Fa principles. I have many human attachments. When I heard that NTDTV sends out satellite signals, I immediately installed a satellite dish. The programs on NTDTV helped me along the way on my cultivation path. Studying the Fa, I gradually understood the principles better. I also introduced NTDTV to fellow practitioners, but none of them paid attention to it. Later on, because of fear and evil interference, I took the dish down.

I gave the dish to one of my relatives so that he could watch NTDTV. I had explained the truth to this relative on a regular basis and sometimes sent him truth clarification materials. He did not want to listen to me or read the materials and even said to me, "I know everything. I don't have to read." He would warn me not to do Falun Gong things too openly. He had also been reluctant to quit the CCP. But ever since he started watching NTDTV programming, he has changed significantly. He sees things from the correct viewpoints when encountering issues. He can even explain the truth about Falun Gong and exhort people to quit the CCP from a third party's standpoint. Sometimes he even practices the exercises.

A senior practitioner was illegally detained. When his son went to visit him at the detention center, he yelled at his father. Because of the CCP's policy of implication, the advancement of the son's career and joining the CCP was impacted due to his father being a Falun Gong practitioner. The daughter-in-law blamed the practitioner father as well. This practitioner shared this story with me once he was released. I then introduced him to NTDTV. He followed the instructions and installed the satellite dish and began daily viewing of the NTDTV programs. At the time, the practitioner's wife was in a vegetative state from carbon monoxide poisoning, and their son often came home to take care of his mother. Initially, the son did not want the father to watch NTDTV. Later on the son started to take a look every now and then. Gradually, the son changed his attitude. The practitioner also told his son that it was good that the son did not join the CCP.

I also helped several of my other relatives install a NTDTV satellite dish. They were all very happy about it.

In some practitioner families, their non-practitioner family members are against Dafa. It is because their minds have been deeply poisoned by CCP culture. Even for those who are not against practicing Falun Gong, CCP culture has brainwashed them and poisoned their minds to varying degrees. The NTDTV programs provide them a whole new world-view. These programs will gradually change their point of view and help purify their minds.

I gradually began to think of being more diligent as I help people and have corrected my mistakes. Master immediately gave me opportunities and wisdom and let me study computer-related technology. I previously had no technical TV installation knowledge. But I soon grasped the technique and was able to help people install satellite dishes. After I installed the NTDTV dish for one person, he never watched the communist TV programming any more. After a village Party secretary saw NTDTV at somebody's house, he installed a satellite dish at his own house

Fa study has made me gain a deeper understanding of the Fa principles. Overseas practitioners work so hard to promote the Christmas Holiday Wonders and New Year Spectacular shows. Why are they doing that? They are doing it to offer sentient beings salvation. The reason why we promote NTDTV is because we need to use every available means to awaken sentient beings. Though we in China cannot openly promote these shows, we still need to take action. Every practitioner has family, friends, and relatives. If every practitioner asks his or her friends and families to watch NTDTV, it would create a strong social force. When these friends and relatives introduce it to their friends and relatiaves, it will spread widely by word of mouth.

We will "find ways to do better, to be more efficient, to have a greater impact, and to save more people." ("Fa Teaching at the US Capital" 2007) (Official Translation)