(Clearwisdom.net) On December 23, the seventh show of the Holiday Wonders was presented at the Beacon Theatre in New York City. Amazed by the first-class performance and profound Chinese culture, audience members interviewed after the show gave it high marks. Among them was Ted Kavanau, co-founder of CNN, who said that the show was splendid.

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Ted Kavanau, CNN co-founder, enjoyed the show

Divine Performing Arts Corp presented ten shows at the Beacon Theatre

Holiday Wonders audience

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Holiday Wonders audience

Holiday Wonders audience

Holiday Wonders audience

The Escobar family watched the show. One of the family members said, "We got a message from the show, about the importance of morality in making this world a better place."

The piece "The Power of Awareness" portrayed a story where people who knew the truth stepped forward to protect Falun Gong practitioners. Singer and director of a New York chorus Wang Huijin said that the piece clearly articulated the story of what is happening to Falun Gong in China

Dr. Wang Shaochun from Toronto said that he was deeply moved by the show

Loretta Young, who works in the New York City Hall, said that the dances and the music were great

Mirian Scholoss (right) has 35 years of experience in teaching music, and her mother Bernice Levine was an amateur ballet dancer. Ms. Scholoss said that the music presentation by the Divine Performing Arts Orchestra using oriental and western instruments was profound and gave a beautiful representation of history

Music teacher John Dewlitt said that the orchestra perfectly integrated oriental and western instruments, which is a one-of-a-kind achievement

George Daisley has studied Chinese for five years and works in a post office. He said that the show was a great product and very unique. "The backdrop design and the presentation were very unique. These pieces made me feel very happy and inspired me to continue exploring Chinese culture."

After watching the afternoon show on December 23, Ted Kavanau said that the Holiday Wonders was splendid. Mr. Kavanau is a co-founder of CNN and senior media producer, and has received several Emmy Awards. He said that he enjoyed every segment of the first-class show.

Gorney Roderic is a medical school graduate of Stanford University and has been a practicing physician for 58 years. After watching the show, he said that he learned unforgettable things that cannot be found in any books.

Sharon Fargas and her family came from New Jersey to watch the show. During the intermission, she told the reporter that her soul was deeply touched, and that the Holiday Wonders was wonderful. "All the pieces are very peaceful and suitable for children. We all like them. Thank you for bringing us 'compassion and benevolence' through this show!" She said.

Nydia Banes-Klevit came to watch the show with her friend and daughter. She said that the show was great and she was glad for this great opportunity to have her daughter experience Chinese culture.

Ms. Sun is the Public Affairs manager of a large corporation. She said that the show was very pure and beautiful, and took her to a wonderful place.

A father and daughter who came from Mainland China watched the show. The father said that the show was very good, especially the dancing. The daughter said that she enjoyed the show as well, and that the last piece was her favorite.

Susan Chau is the principal of a church school in Brooklyn. She said, "I want to thank all the artists for working so hard and presenting us with such a wonderful show. I loved the traditional Chinese dance, and the music was truly wonderful."

New Jersey resident Cai Biao is a chef who has seen many shows from around the world. He said that his family loved the show, in particular the Tang drum performance, the Manchu dance and the tenor solo.

Ms. Chen Xiufang works in Mainland China as an accountant and watched the show with her husband and children. She said that her family was quite happy with the show and that she would recommend it to her friends.