(Clearwisdom.net) When Cang Jie (1) first created the Chinese character system, he shocked heaven and earth. Huainanzi (2) wrote, "When Cang Jie invented the character system, the sky rained plentiful grain, and ghosts cried in the night."

Cang Jie invented the Chinese character system and ended a time when "knot tying" was used to record events. He enabled mankind to leap into a new era of civilization. It was a great turning point for Chinese and human civilization, and it marked a new starting point for passing down divine culture. Therefore, the sky poured forth grain to encourage Cang Jie and hint people that it was heaven's will.

Chinese characters eliminated foolishness and helped the Chinese people become more civilized. Hence, haunting ghosts cried out in the dark, because they survive in a foolish, barbaric, and evil environment. Civilization and wisdom made it difficult for them to manipulate humans.

A miraculous, heavenly climate was formed after Cang Jie created the character system. Many historical records detailed the great event and showed people that the Chinese character system was not a average invention but an event that shook heaven and earth. The eternal benefit that the Chinese character system provided for human civilization was even more shocking.

Today, the Divine Performing Arts show is on the world stage, with its benevolent and elegant grace. The Divine Performing Arts company members hold themselves peacefully and dignified, carrying a mentally cleansing, ethically refining, morally enriching, spiritually uplifting inner power. At every Divine Performing Arts performance, there is a large audience, positive commentary, and the people are happy and serene. Thus, Divine Performing Arts is well received by many races, countries, different audiences with different values, and experts as well. They have received various awards and proclamations.

Divine Performing Arts has astonished heaven and Earth, made history, and brightened the world. With the Divine Performing Arts tour, the impact of Divine Performing Arts will expand and deepen in the domains of world culture and arts, spiritual fields, and ethics and morals. A great renaissance of human culture and morality is inevitable.

Cang Jie created the Chinese character system in ancient times, and it caused the sky to pour forth grain. The Divine Performing Arts touring show today has brought forth a series of "Divine Performing Arts phenomena," and no matter what form they have taken, they have surpassed ordinary cultural phenomena by far. It has created a spectacular cultural landscape that can only be seen during cultural leaps forward and historical turning points. The Chinese always emphasize the harmony between the heavens and humankind. According to this theory, the colorful "Divine Performing Arts Phenomena" is a modern version of "the sky raining grain," i.e. a manifestation of "heavenly climate" on earth.

Divine Performing Arts will urge people to cast away foolishness and choose "civilization." It will help people banish the CCP's demonic curse and recognize traditional ethical virtues. The boundless radiance of Divine Performing Arts has exposed all demons and ghosts in broad daylight, which stops them from doing harm or hiding. Because of this, the CCP is extremely afraid of the Divine Performing Arts' world tour. It tries to hide in the dark corners and block the spread of orthodox culture to sustain its dirty living environment. This unwise act of the dispersed CCP shows how the Divine Performing Arts world tour is similar to the creation of Chinese characters, which made the evil demons and rotten ghosts panic. The tour brings about the current manifestation of "ghosts crying in the night."

Divine Performing Arts brings happiness, civilization, and uplifting hope to humankind and brings terror, hopelessness, and impending doom to ghosts. The miraculous heavenly climate after Cang Jie invented the character system was recorded in history, and it established a reference for later generations of how to enlighten to heavenly wishes. Today, when facing the events of heavenly climate brought about by the Divine Performing Arts, shouldn't we humbly enlighten to the heavens' wishes?


(1) Cang Jie - According to legend, Cang Jie was the inventor of the Chinese character system. He also is claimed to be the official historian for the Yellow Emperor. In Chinese legend, he had four eyes, with two pupils for each eye. During the time he created the character system, it is said that malicious deities cried out in the night and the sky poured forth millet. In history, he is not considered the sole inventor of the Chinese characters.

(2) Huai'nan'zi is literally translated to "The Philosophers of Huainan." It is also known as Huainan Honglie, meaning the "the Great Brilliance of Huainan." It is a classic philosophical book written in the second century B.C., with Daoist, Confucianist, and Legalist influences. It was commissioned by the King of Huainan, Liu An, who was himself a legendarily and great author. It is a compilation of essays written as a result of debates between the King and his guests in court, namely eight scholars known as "the Eight Immortals of Huainan."

December 23, 2007