(Clearwisdom.net) A while ago, fellow practitioner A always pointed out to me that I was too attached to practitioner B. Every time they had a conflict, I would always point out problems with A but never said anything about B. From my perspective, every time when conflicts arose, A always got angry and raised her voice. This led other practitioners to feel that she was not very rational. Recently, I talked to A alone and tried to resolve the conflicts between them. However, she got mad at me and scolded me. I was confused as to what the problem was.

Today I suddenly realize that it is my own problem. Because I had more contact with B, I knew more about her family and her work validating Dafa. Quite a few times, B would tell me about the pressure from her family when she does Dafa work. Seeing her in a difficult situation, I developed sympathy toward her. Gradually I began to subconsciously protect her when other practitioners pointed out her shortcomings. In retrospect, isn't this an emotional attachment?

It conforms to my human notions but does not conform to the standard of the Fa. I am protecting a human being but not validating the Fa. It is truly a hidden and impure state of mind. Am I protecting and sympathizing with B over her fear of hardship and seeking comfort? Because of my support, those attachments have been bothering B and have not been eliminated.

We also need to pay attention to other issues so that we will not get trapped in our human notions. We are Dafa disciples whose bodies are attached to the human world but whose minds are in the Fa.

I am thankful for Teacher's hints and the boundless content of Dafa.

November 26, 2007