(Clearwisdom.net) I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1995. Ever since Teacher's article, "Opening the Gate of the World" was published on July 1, 2006, I started hearing wonderful music every day. At first I was not aware that my celestial ear had opened due to the fact that I usually kept the window open, so I thought my neighbor was always playing beautiful music. Afterwards, when I asked my family about it, they all said they did not hear any music. I then realized that it was music from the heavens. Even when I was doing chores, walking along the street, sitting in a car, or cooking, the ambient noises could not cover the sound of the music. As the music became louder, I could hear it very clearly. I can hear it at any time except when I am asleep.

This heavenly music is always played on ancient Chinese musical instruments. Just like the music of "Pudu" and "Jishi," they have very beautiful and dulcet melodies. There is the main melody, a sub-melody, or many more sub-melodies. Some of the music is very complicated and profound, expressing very deep and rich content. I cannot clearly remember the melody after hearing the music. I can remember some of the simple melodies after hearing them for a long time. However, I cannot really do it if I try to hum the tune. One can only feel this heavenly music, not express it.

The music I hear is harmonious. There isn't a beginning or an end, and it always plays in a cycle. There are different tones and different inner meanings at different levels. Some originate from the microcosm of the colossal firmament and expand throughout the vast cosmos. Some are full of power and grandeur, with the force of a landslide and the effect of a tidal wave. Some are gentle, delicate, and lingering. Some are extraordinary, graceful, and absolutely compassionate and beautiful. Some are cheerful, smooth, delightful, and celebratory. Some are deep and heavy, upright and dignified. Some contain the singing of a heavenly bird, the ringing of bells, and the sounds of the drum, flute, xiao (a wind instrument), erhu, guhzheng, guqin (traditional stringed instruments), etc. I have never studied music theory, and I do not know anything about playing music or reading musical scores, therefore I cannot express it in its entirety.

Listening to the heavenly music makes me feel like hundreds of thousands of flowers are blossoming in Heaven in bright and dazzling colors. There are buildings, terraces, towers, overlapping layers of green mountains, and clean and clear water. There are also celestial maidens dancing and flying in the air, dressed in colorful rainbow skirts, and feathered dresses and with a silk ribbon across the shoulder. The music conveys an extremely beautiful realm of thought, which thoroughly cleanses my thought karma. Listening to this heavenly music enables me to be more diligent traveling my path to godhood, do the three things that Falun Dafa practitioners are supposed to do well, and try my best to save more sentient beings.

The first time I heard a major work of this heavenly music, I kept hearing it for a month. It was very rich, had a lot of musical instruments, with constantly changing sub-melodies. It took me a month to memorize the main melody. I could hear it when I was on a train to Changchun to visit my relatives, on a bus, or in my relatives' homes. In particular, the first night when I was in my relatives' home, the sound resonated widely and loudly, as if it was coming out from a big speaker, and it kept playing the whole night. I believe it is because Changchun is Teacher's hometown, and hence it is a sacred place.

I have never learned how to dance. Ever since I heard the first piece of heavenly music in July of 2006, I always had an urge to dance. At home, I tried to let my arms gently follow the music, and I started swirling and dancing in an airy and light motion. It took me by surprise. "I am able to dance the 'heavenly dance!'" Different dance movements just evolved very naturally as different melodies played. My hands were in the lotus-palm position. My husband looked at me and exclaimed, "Falun Dafa is so magical. You are a woman in your forties who has never learned how to dance, and now you are able to dance very well!" Dancing is also a language and a wonderful manifestation of Dafa's solemness and sacredness.

In the past year, sometimes a certain musical piece frequently played for a month. It seemed to be a major work, corresponding to a certain level. I could hear some parts being played for half a month. It was even faster this year, with some sections, or levels, lasting for a week, some passing by within three days, two days, or one day. Sometimes there were different melodies in the morning and the afternoon, and accordingly, I broke through one level quickly. Time also progressed at different speeds in different musical compositions played within the same day. When the time went fast, the tempo of the music was also faster, as if it was played at a fast speed. When the time passes slowly, the music is soothing and delightful. I really hope I can share the beauty of these heavenly sounds with everyone.

Every Falun Dafa practitioner has personally experienced and felt Dafa's wonder. What I have written down is just a little of something that is beyond the human language and is meant for validating the Fa, as well as reminding myself to strive forward diligently, save more sentient beings, and fulfill the vow I made.