(Clearwisdom.net) Not long ago, Clearwisdom.net published an article entitled "My Uncle Obtains Falun Dafa" http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2007/8/11/88507.html . I am that "uncle," a retired horticulture worker. For several years, although I never stopped going to hospitals for treatment of my illnesses, my health got worse and worse. When I thought that I could find no way out, I fortunately learned Dafa, and my health then turned for the better.

In September 2004, I was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection and prostate inflammation. I went to the city's Central Hospital to seek treatment. The doctor said, "Only surgery can cure it." I was thus hospitalized. The next day, during the physical exam, the doctor asked me, "How do you feel when urinating recently?" I replied, "Normal." On the fourth day, the surgery began. As it was an electro-resection surgery, the instrument's tube needed to be inserted into my urinary tract. But my urinary tract was not suited for this kind of operation; so as a result, the insertion injured multiple areas inside the urinary tract. The operation failed.

The doctor then said, "We have no choice but to do regular surgery." I refused to have this done. The doctor then installed a urine tube for me, and sent me back to the patient room. I lay on the bed and could not move. In the hospital, I took pills and injections every day. In my lower body, fluid kept draining out of the inserted urine tube; what flowed out was all blood and pus. Twenty days later, the doctors took out the tube and then allowed me to leave the hospital. After that, my urinary tract became thin. Several days later, I almost could not urinate.

After I was hospitalized for nearly fifty days, I had spent all the money that I had brought with me to pay medical bills and buy gifts [in current China, an patient often gives the doctors and nurses gifts for better services]. Could I still find a way out? I was in extreme depression. When I called my family, I was so sad that I even could not speak one word.

The next day, I endured the pain and finally got home. I lay on the bed. Beneath the bed was a urine container. I could hear the noise from the urine's dripping. It was a very dangerous situation. After discussing it with my family members, I went again, on the sixteenth day of the twelfth month based on the lunar calendar, to the People's Hospital of Zhengzhou City in Henan Province. After the urology department director put a drainage tube in me, I took expensive medicines and went back home for the Chinese New Year.

After the Chinese New Year, other complications appeared: ptosis of the stomach and large intestine, and colic hernia. The urinary tract condition became worse and fluids kept coming out. I had a shrinking bladder, heart disease, and so on. My wife often accompanied me to the hospitals, big or small in the city, for treatments. I spent over 10,000 yuan. Because of the long-term intravenous injections for controlling the infections, my stomach and intestines did not function well, so whenever it was meal time, both my spouse and I worried.

During the next several years, I regularly went to the hospital to pick up medicines or replace the urine tube. When I went to pick up the medicine, the doctors appeared happy, as I needed to spend several hundred yuan each time; however, it was not the case when I went to replace the urine tube as it only cost several tens yuan. To please the doctors, my family members had no other ways but to buy some gifts for them. After giving the gifts, the doctors' attitudes got better during the first two visits, but it was no longer the case the third time. The doctor intentionally tried to insert the tube deeper, so as to make me suffer intolerable pain and would no longer want to go there.

Now I look back at my experience seeking medical treatment during those three years. Although I went to all the hospitals, spent a lot of money, and suffered greatly, my illnesses got worse and worse. In the end, I became a useless person, and I had to lie in bed all year long. I, who used to be an optimistic person, became pessimistic and was in despair.

During the Chinese New Year in 2007, my nephew and his wife came to my home; they kept trying to persuade me to practice Falun Gong. Two days later, two other Dafa practitioners (who are a couple) came to my home to persuade me to cultivate in Falun Dafa; they also brought Dafa books and materials for me. They asked me to go to their home to learn Falun Gong, saying it would be more effective to practice the exercises together. I said, "I have too many personal inconveniences. It will not work." He then said, "In that case, you can go to your nephew's home. They have already prepared everything for you. They have asked you more than ten times. So do not hesitate anymore. Let's go now." So the two practitioners took me and my wife to my nephew's home.

My nephew and his wife had prepared a bed and daily necessities specifically for us. My nephew's wife said, "Please consider this your home. If you like to eat something, let me know and I will cook for you." That evening, several Dafa practitioners came to study the Fa together with us. They persuaded and encouraged me.

The next day, three elderly practitioners came from the city. They were all kind and had rosy complexions. They appeared obviously different from the others who do not practice Falun Gong. One of them was already eighty years old, but he looked a little over sixty years old. His miraculous experience of passing his physical tribulation was very enlightening to me. Two years ago, he could not pass urine or stool for fourteen days in a row. His children forced him to go to see the doctors and take medicine. They took turns watching him take his medicine. They watched him for over ten days. The practitioner finally recovered from his illness. His children then smiled and said, "It was, after all, more effective to take medicine." The practitioner told his children with a smile, "All the pills are in my pocket, I didn't take even one single pill." He then took out all the pills that he was supposed to have taken during the fourteen days and showed them to his children. All his children were finally convinced about the goodness of Falun Gong. They said, "Falun Gong is really miraculous! Father, you can go ahead and practice well. We will also benefit if you can complete your cultivation."

Later, more Dafa practitioners came to share their experiences with me. Their stories moved me greatly. I really feel, "Falun Gong is really good! Dafa disciples are really good." My faith in Dafa and the exercises had become stronger and stronger. On the sixth of that month, I miraculously stood up. I threw away all the medicines that I had brought with me. I also could eat more. A few days later, I was able to walk four or five li [c.a. one and a half mile]. In the daytime, when I saw the bed, I no longer wanted to lie down. I no longer felt sleepy during the daytime; in the evening, I could sleep all night long without waking up. Since then, all my illnesses have disappeared. I had gone to my nephew's home lying inside a vehicle, but I went back home walking by myself. All my family members were moved to tears; their happiness was beyond description. They all said, "It is Master Li who has saved our family!"

The next day, I showed up at my factory. My colleagues were both surprised and happy. Everyone, including my relatives, know that I have recovered because I practice Falun Gong. They all admire Master and Dafa. Some people even came to my home to learn Falun Gong. There are also people from nearby villages coming to ask about my experience.