(Clearwisdom.net) Recently when I was sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil elements interfering with New York ticket sales for the Divine Performing Arts shows, I found that my gong was drifting, weak, and off target. I sensed that the evil is very rampant, but upon further inspection, I saw some Dafa disciples mixed together with the evil and strengthening the evil! No wonder the tickets are not being sold. How could Dafa disciples help the evil?

I was reading the Fa today and saw what Master taught us in "Fa Teaching at the 2007 New York Fa Conference:"

"When Dafa disciples themselves can't do well, they cannot save sentient beings. If you cannot manage to do well yourself, how could you save sentient beings? When the thoughts that you project are unrighteous, how could you do that task well? It's the same as assisting the evil, then."

We have learned that everything in the Three Realms is driven by Dafa disciples' thoughts. Master also taught us:

"As you get rid of human mentality, evil is naturally defeated." ("Don't Be Sad," "Hongyin" II)

What kinds of human attachments have we not let go of and what kinds of bad notions are helping the evil, enabling the evil to be so rampant? Fellow practitioners, let us look inside and see if we have these attachments that are listed below. If the answer is yes, let us get rid of them quickly.

When you heard that there will be ten showings of the Holiday Wonders in New York with a total of 120,000 tickets to be sold, what was your first thought? If the first thought is not righteous, it unintentionally increased the difficulty of selling the tickets.

--Some said, "So many tickets? Are we overestimating our ability?"

--The evil heard and said, "Did you hear that? She said herself that they overestimated their own strength. She is on our side."

--Some said, "New York disciples are sure to be under a great deal of pressure, but Master is there, and there must be righteous gods helping. We better look after our own area first."

--The evil heard and said, "Good, they have not reached the one-body state of having 'no acupuncture points and no meridians' yet. We can concentrate on New York now. We will attack them one by one after defeating New York."

--Some did not speak out, but complained in their mind, "We have to sell tickets again? Whoever wants to do it, they can go ahead. I have other Dafa projects to take care of, and these are all validating the Fa, anyway."

--The evil heard and said, "He is actually opposed to the performances deep down, so he is on our side, at least on this matter."

--Others said, "Dafa disciples make miracles happen every time. It will be fine, as the tickets will be sold out on the last few days."

--The evil heard and said, "These are not righteous thoughts, as he is not doing anything! Good, at least he is not against us."

--New York is urgently calling for help. Some thought, "Not again! Why do they ask for help from other regions every time! We helped last year, and it was not very organized. Who knows if we can be any help this time. Well, what can we do? I guess we should go help."

--The evil saw it, "He came, but not exactly with a lot of enthusiasm. His strength is at least cut in half!"

--There are many veteran practitioners who are probably already occupied with a lot of things both important and not so important, so they no longer have the time to attend to other things or to do them as vigorously as before.

Let us put down all of these human attachments quickly, as they are neutralizing our own strengths and shielding the evil.

The Divine Performing Arts shows are not merely saving the 600,000 audience members. When you consider all those businesses who sponsored us, all those VIP's who gave us proclamations, all those media outlets that advertised for us, and all those sentient beings who received positive information about the show--there are so many more beings to be saved! Master is personally leading us at this critical juncture and allowing us to fulfill our mission, because we made vows to help Master at this most dangerous time. We are so lucky compared with other higher beings who have not yet boarded the Fa boat. Master does not want to let these higher lives be destroyed here, since they believed firmly that Dafa would save them and thus dared to come down here to be saved. Our little bit of hardship now will result in countless lives being re-born in the new cosmos. Because of this, Master bestowed the highest honor upon us, so how can we begrudge some little bit of sacrifice in this human world in the form of money, energy, or time?

Hosting the Divine Performing Arts show is a project that requires each person to let go of self and coordinate with the whole, and it has provided us with an environment to quickly cultivate away human attachments. We can see that, along with the daily improvements in our cultivation, the shows will be successfully held around the world, the evil elements will be eliminated on a massive scale, and saving sentient beings in the Three Realms will become easier, including in Mainland China. But we must reach the standard and our actions must be right. We cannot just look on from the sidelines or hold ourselves back, but rather do what a righteous enlightened being should do.

Disciples in Mainland China, you are the main body of Falun Dafa practitioners, and your gong can reach the whole cosmos. New York is not far from you! Disciples in Taiwan, please focus your righteous thoughts on New York! Disciples all over the world, let us concentrate our righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil in the space above New York! May the mighty power of great enlightened beings manifest--the gong that emerges from our enlightenment on the Fa can destroy the evil in the blink of an eye.

The above is my personal understanding. Please point out any mistakes.