(Clearwisdom.net) NTDTV will present Holiday Wonders in the Lyric Opera House on December 18. The show has attracted attention from many local media outlets.

On December 13, Baltimore Sun published archive photos and a brief description of the show. The article stated: "Celebrate the holidays with an Asian twist at the show 'Holiday Wonders,' presented by New Tang Dynasty Television. Traditional Chinese performances are at the center of the 8 p.m. show. A mixture of elaborate costumes, backdrops and choreography is given a Western holiday tweak."

In a December 15 article, Baltimore Examiner also introduced the Holiday Wonders. Reporter Emily Campbell wrote: "Holiday Wonders, appearing at the Lyric Opera House, offers traditional dances and musical performances from Chinese culture."

The reporter also interviewed Peijong Hsieh, the production manager for Holiday Wonders.

Hsieh said that the show presents true, traditional Chinese arts to more people.

"People can see this show that genuinely reflects our heritage. They are very touched and moved when they understand how beautiful our traditions are. It truly represents the best of Chinese culture. It's for all ages and all ethnic groups, because if you have a beautiful heart, you know how to appreciate beautiful things," Hsieh said.

Fox News will interview Mr. Xiang Dong in its December 17 morning live show. Mr. Xiang is the director of the New Tang Dynasty Television Washington Office. In addition, ABC will interview Peijong Hsieh, the production manager for Holiday Wonders, in its morning live show on December 17.