I first encountered Dafa in July 1997. In 2002, I was sentenced to a forced labor camp. In the labor camp I was subjected to brainwashing by those who had false understandings about Dafa, and I was forced into speaking and doing things against Dafa. Even worse, I brainwashed other Falun Gong practitioners as an accomplice of the evil. I was released 6 months before my term ended. After that, I received a job offer from the labor camp to brainwash and "transform" the Falun Gong practitioners, with a salary of 1,000 yuan per month. I hereby declare solemnly all that I did and said against Dafa as void. I will walk the way arranged by Teacher, do well the three things and redouble my effort to compensate the losses that I had caused to Dafa.

Peng Baozheng (Peng Jizheng) Nov. 4, 2007


I was arrested by the police from the national security group on March 19, of this year. During my detention I was sent to a brainwashing center for two months, where I was tortured cruelly, and was extorted of more than 10,000 yuan. Under great pressure, and out of my worldly attachments, I wrote the three statements to denounce Falun Gong against my own will. After I came home, I felt very sorry to have failed to live up to Teacher's compassionate salvation. I hereby solemnly declare all that I said, and wrote against Dafa in the detention center and brainwashing center as void. I will follow Teacher's teachings by doing well the three things and redoubling my effort to compensate for the loses I caused in the past. I will return to my home with Teacher as a qualified Dafa practitioner.

Wang Yong, Nov. 11, 2007