(Clearwisdom.net) The Divine Performing Arts tour is a process through which Master personally offers salvation to numerous kings and lords. In order to save sentient beings on such a large scale as today, Master has given the Fa-rectification-period Dafa disciples more than ten years to cultivate and become mature. We can elevate from a human being to become a god, so that we are able to help Master rectify the Fa in the human world. During these ten years, Master has been encouraging every one of us to move forward.

Looking back on my cultivation journey over the past ten years, I have enlightened to the understanding that the entire cultivation process of a genuine cultivator is a process in which a cultivator keeps digging out his impurities and rectifying them according to the Fa principles. Our achievements and commitments are barely worth mentioning when we compare them with what Master has given us. If it were not for Master, we would not have our lives, not to mention our contributions. Only because we are willing to cultivate out of our impurity has Master created an indestructable firmament and an eternal future for us.

Today, when Master requires us to cooperate well to save large numbers of sentient beings, our impurities stubbornly hinder Master's immense hand from saving sentient beings. The manifestation in this dimension is that tickets sell slowly, few people buy tickets, and it is not easy to sell tickets. The fundamental problem here is that we have various attachments--we are not willing to cooperate because we still have complaints about other practitioners, and we are very attached to ourselves and deem the things we are doing more important than what Master wants done. We rely on our own achievements and wait to see others improve. We have a "try-our-luck" mentality, waiting for Master to solve all the problems for us with his mighty power. We look down upon the world's people and don't have a heart of compassion. We have jealousy and envy in our hearts toward those practitioners who get to work with Master and have the fear of being left behind. We are not able to let go of fame, self-interest, and qing. Finally, we consider and arrange our personal things first and put Fa-rectification things second.

Because we have too many impure things in our minds, we act slowly while our minds run fast. We talk a lot and think a lot, while we are not able to do what a Fa-rectification-period Dafa disciple should do. We come from high levels. Many impure things actually don't belong to us. Because we are lost in a maze, we regard these impurities as part of us or part of fellow practitioners, and as things that are bound to happen. We feel we can't do anything about it and wait for Master to solve it for us.

Of course Master can solve everything for us. But then are we worthy of being called Fa-rectification-perid Dafa disciples? Our every thought involves the sentient beings in our own universe. If we don't change false notions, countless sentient beings in our universe for whom we have borne hardships will be eliminated. When we return to our original home and find that those beings that we have been trying to save through all the hardships have died because we haven't done well, how, as Budhhas and Gods upon whom Master has conferred such high glory and great compassion, will we be able to face ourselves?

Fa-rectification will surely be a success. Without us, Master will still complete all the things that need to be done. If nobody goes out to sell tickets, eventurally all Gods will help Master to complete what Master wants, that's for sure. The issue here is why do we need Master and all the Gods to do it for us? Master wants the best for us. Why are we so useless? Don't we want to become disciples that Master doesn't have to worry about so much?

When the tickets sell slowly, the fundamental problem is that the hearts of the Fa-rectification-period Dafa disciples have been dormant. That is for sure. Because everything exists for us and for saving sentient beings, let us rely on ourselves, not somebody else. If our heart for saving sentient beings is inspired, it will definitely have endless power. I will not wait for others to tell me what to do. On the contrary I will make good suggestions and cultivate myself by finding a better way. At the same time I will listen quietly to fellow practitioners' sharing and harmonize with fellow practitioners as one body. Let every one of us ask ourselves, "Am I in this diligent state?"

When can we achieve this state? Maybe for one day, maybe several hours, maybe several minutes. When most of the practitioners in one area achieve the diligent state that practitioners should have, miracles will surely happen for us. After all, we are cultivators who have been cultivating for many years. Let every one of us practitioners treat ourselves and other practitioners with righteous thoughts and let us believe that the power of the Fa will help us to overcome human notions and selfishness. Everyone requires him or herself to follow the Fa. (Never look to somebody else, otherwise the evil will set up false images and interfere.) Everyone must make sure that he or she personally does well. If everyone has righteous thoughts and righteous actions, we will sell not just fifteen hundred tickets a day, but fifteen thousand tickets a day.

Master explicitely told us the Fa principles a long time ago. "Who still hasn't put them into action?" This is the crucial point. Here I don't mean what we do physically but whether our heart is moved. Has our heart of compassion for saving sentient beings been stirred? On this issue we have had good experiences of fellow practitioners acting as one body. Once we prepared two performaces from beginning to end within three weeks. We felt it was like personal cultivation. The requirements for our cultivation as a whole are becoming higher and higher. I feel that everyone is required to act as coordinators and take responsibilities to coordinate and cooperate. Every field that we haven't touched upon has to be reached, and we have to coordinate such areas as business, politics, the media, mainstream society, the Chinese community, etc. We have to coordinate ticket promotion well, do it step by step, and cover every aspect.

When our one body hasn't reached the state that we should be in, even though a few cordinators use many methods and devote all their energies, it won't work. But when our whole body reaches a good state, things can be achieved in an instant. So when we say that tickets sell slowly, we have to look for the root reason within our heart. If everyone has righteous thoughts and makes a small improvement from the Fa principles, this is the crucial point in the process of promoting tickets to save sentient beings.

Recently, many practitioners who used to do all sorts of projects have come out to promote Divine Performing Arts' shows out on the streets and visiting shops and households. When we share our experiences, the atmosphere is really good and a lot of cultivation factors are involved: we talk about who we met, how their hearts were moved, and how they felt the power of our compassion. Practitioners share how they felt they have elevated after they finished a street promotion, etc. This type of sharing between practitioners can greatly encourage each other. If we can continue doing this and coordinate well in every field, we won't have to worry about tickets being sold.

Divine Performing Arts' shows are global events. Practitioners around the world are cultivating themselves in the process of promoting these shows. I hope we can write down and share our experiences so that we can improve as one body and elevate as soon as possible. This is the fundamental significance of promoting tickets.

The above is just my personal enlightenment. Please point out anything inappropriate.