(Clearwisdom.net) The 2007 Divine Performing Arts Global Tour is showcasing the inner meaning of China's divinely inspired culture. The performances are awakening people's long-buried memories, and have amazed more than 200,000 audience members so far with their astonishing presentations.

After attending one of the shows, I once again reflected upon the realm and inner meanings of what had been presented. I felt as if I had found some lost treasures and looked forward to what the 2008 tour would bring.

In March 2007, Divine Performing Arts' performance in Berlin captivated the crowd

Prior to the 2007 Chinese New Year, Divine Performing Arts' performance at New York's Radio City Music Hall was well received

The Korean audience was touched by the performance

When the curtain was lifted and the music for "Creation" played, many audience members in Tokyo were moved to tears

Rediscovering long-lost divine traditions in Chinese civilization

Helen Keller once said that the most genuine, kind and beautiful things in the world are intangible and invisible. It requires one to feel them with one's heart. Some audience members talked about how the performances weren't just meant to be watched, but rather felt with their hearts.

The dances do not overly emphasize passion; instead, their subtle movements allow the audience to to understand the profound inner meanings expressed by the dancers' pure, selfless performances. They lead the audience to discover the spiritual meanings conveyed by the dances.The performances portrayed legendary and historical figures, such as Mulan. Her father was aged and weak, so she nobly decided to join the army in her father's place. The dancer's movements vividly displayed Mulan's complex feelings: being loyal to her country and showing filial piety to her father.

The performances also vividly portrayed the core values of authentic Chinese culture, reverence for the Heavens and its will, returning to one's true self, and loyalty, filial piety, integrity and righteousness. The program began with scenes from a prehistoric period when the Lord Buddha led divine beings to descend to the human world to save all beings and hand down culture. Later stories captured the flourishing era of the Great Tang Dynasty, portrayed loyal and compassionate Yue Fei during the Southern Song Dynasty, and Falun Gong practitioners who safeguard righteous beliefs in contemporary times.

Over time, ancient Chinese culture has become a relic of the past, but Divine Performing Arts' spectacular shows are helping people to rediscover the long lost, divinely inspired Chinese culture.

Inspiration from "Snowy Mountain, White Lotus"

Whenever the curtains were raised at the 2007 performances to the accompaniment of melodious flute music, the audience would see a group of Tibetan maidens in dazzling costumes standing quietly and elegantly at the foot of snowy mountains. Accompanied by beautiful Tibetan melodies, the maidens undulated their white long sleeves and danced gracefully. The vitality and rich spiritual world of the Tibetan maidens, who are nurtured in this land and have a talent for singing and dancing, enchanted the viewers.

I still cannot forget the fluttering of colorful vertical flags above the sacred land of belief at Qingzang, and the chanting of praise for the Buddhas. I can still see in my mind's eye those faithful believers and their endless search for the origin of life.

Choreographer Ms. Li Jinman said that in Buddhist schools of cultivation, a lotus is a symbol of purity and cultivating to return to one's original, true self. White lotuses blossom in the harsh weather, representing the steadfast and righteous belief that is deeply rooted in people's hearts and is indestructible. The white lotuses also symbolize altruistic dedication and sacrifice, and represent truthfulness, kindness and perseverance. The maidens, who are as pure and sacred as white lotuses, dance to express their wish to return home, as well as their joy and gratitude after finding their way.

People's divine nature being awakened

The first of the 2007 performances was entitled "Creation." Creation's first performance resembles the opening of the heavenly gate. Accompanied by heavenly music, people's imaginations are taken to magnificent heavenly paradises in prehistoric times. The sea of clouds, a grand gathering of Buddhas, Daos and deities, celestial maidens playing musical instruments and dancing elegantly, angels flying here and there... The representation of a true paradise reminded people of their true home.

When the cosmos was about to meet with a catastrophe, the Lord Buddha came from outside the firmament. Many deities wrote down their vows and followed the Lord Buddha to descend to the human world to save sentient beings. The vivid scene touched the depths of people's hearts, and tears ran down their faces.Divine Performing Arts' presentations are awakening people to their true purpose in life. They are like calls for children who have stayed away from home for a long time: It's time to return home.