(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Wang Xiaoran was illegally detained for over five months at the Jinan City Detention Center by police from the Lixia district 610 Office beginning June 23, 2007. Both of the 610 Offices in Jinan City and Shandong Province, the Public Security Office in Lixia, the Prosecution Office and the local court collaborated in sentencing Wang Xiaoran to an 8-year prison term. Her appeal is now in the hands of Jinan City's Second Criminal Court.

He Xunming, Wang Xiaoran's husband, was arrested at the same time and Sun Hui, deputy brigade captain, led many others to ransack their home. He Xunming was released the next morning. Wang Xiaoran has endured five months of torture. Her condition is serious, as she has a lot of blood in her urine and chronic irregular heartbeats.

Since the beginning of this year, personnel from the Jinan City 610 Office, the Public Security Office and Prosecuting Office have been engaged in arresting and interfering with Falun Gong practitioners. These arrests took place during the time leading up to, and continuing throughout and after the 17th National People's Congress. Many practitioners were arrested, including Ms. Cheng Shuxiang and Ms. Du Shifeng. On September 28, 2007, Ms. Cheng and Ms. Du were illegally sentenced to 4 years and 42 months respectively by the Chinese Communist Party's Tianqiao District Court. According to sources with inside information, they have already filed appeals and are currently being detained in Jinan Detention Center. They were held at the detention center for over seven months prior to sentencing.

Family members of the above-named Falun Gong practitioners have been unable to see their loved ones. This has caused tremendous distress for their families.

Jinan City, Lixia District Investigation BrigadeBrigade Captain Li Dongfang: 86-531-86962232 (Office), 86-531-88955418 (Home), 86-13361088823 (Cell)

Ji Jianhua, instructor: 86-531-86960862 (Office), 86-531-85805179 (Home), 86-13361088909 (Cell)

Sun Hui, Brigade Deputy Capitan: 86-531-86960862 (Office), 86-13356668088 (Cell)

Sub-bureau of Jinan City, Lixia DistrictWang Raoquan, Director: 86-531-85083001 (Office), 86-531-86918107 (Home), 86-13305317966 (Cell)

Liu Bingzhi Political Committee Member: 86-531-85083002 (Office), 86-531-82921676 (Home), 86-13325130508 (Cell)

Xiao Quanan, Deputy Director: 86-531-85083003 (Office), 86-531-82922869 (Home), 86-13335176819 (Cell)

December 01, 2007