(Clearwisdom.net) My last name is Xu. Out of gratitude for Dafa saving me, I renamed myself Xiefa Xu. (Xiefa in Chinese means, "Thanks for Dafa.") I'm 50 years old now and live in Huanggang, Hubei Province. I had a fatal illness, and my doctor said I could do nothing but wait for death. Desperate, all I could do was go home and wait to die. Because a kindhearted person encouraged me, I started studying the Fa on September 6, 2007. At first I merely studied the Fa, and ten days later I started to learn the exercises. I watched Master's DVD lecture four times on September 29 and read the first eight chapters of Zhuan Falun. A miracle then occurred. Within 23 days my health returned to normal, and my general disabilities disappeared completely.

I am writing about my own experiences to allow those, who like me, were beclouded by the lies on TV programs, to become awakened, and those who are plagued by serious illnesses or whom the doctors have pronounced incurable to regain heath and have good futures. I wish all people might be as lucky as I and become Dafa practitioners.

I had a serious slipped disc in 2005 and had to be hospitalized for 26 days. While there, some practitioners clarified the truth to me and gave me Dafa books to read. But I was deeply blinded by the CCP's lies and didn't believe what they said at all. I did not even leaf through the books.

In July 2005, two months after leaving the hospital, I had general physical weakness and any spot on my body that was pressed left a deep indentation [caused by water retention]. But doctors' exams couldn't find anything wrong. I was then given a folk prescription, advising me to eat a dish of herring cooked with watermelon. It worked, and the general dropsy disappeared.

In November 2006 I had edema again from overworking in my business. But another hospital exam again revealed no physical cause. In December 2006, the upper parts of my legs swelled "like a bucket," and I couldn't wear my pants or shoes. But doctors still couldn't find a cause. The following January my hands ached greatly, just like millions of needles puncturing me. I had to go to Huanggang City and visit the most well-known herbalist doctor. The doctor said that my fatty liver was too big and I also had peripheral neuritis. The doctor prescribed 26 packs of medicine for illness, each pack costing three or four hundred yuan. I consumed all of them. I did not recover but was reduced to a skeleton. My illness became more serious, and I had to return home. My family asked the gods to bless me and said they were willing to do whatever the people in the temple asked them. We spent several thousand yuan. I was no better. My condition was instead worsening.

On June 5, 2007, I was sent to Xiehe Hospital in Wuhan and was thoroughly examined in the neurological department. I was preliminary diagnosed with peripheral neuritis and physical pain. I was in the hospital for 20 days, and the swelling went down, but I was still in pain. There were two hard lumps on stomach, as hard as tree bark. And more and more skin became increasingly hard. My doctor thus invited three PhDs and another five doctors to make a mutual consultation. Following the consultation, I was transferred to the Infectious Diseases Department for Rheumatic Internal Medicine. Dr. Liu diagnosed sclerosis. Professor Sheng would make the final diagnosis the next day.

Professor Sheng and his group of doctors arrived the next day. They carefully read all my case histories and said that I had a typical multiple sclerosis, and told me I could be out of the hospital in 20 days. I was no better after a week's treatment. Food was tasteless, and I felt strong mental pressure. I often cried. My sister took me out for a walk in Zhongshan Park. My neck became stiff as we walked. My younger brother in Wuhan reminded me to pay close attention to any physical changes and also asked me to ignore the more than one thousand yuan daily expense, as the key was not to delay the treatment. My 26-year-old son was more worried when he learned of my plight from his auntie's phone call. He visited the Internet and found that three hospitals specialized in the treatment of MS, and the Tongji Hospital in Hangzhou City was the best.

I went to Hangzhou overnight by express train on July 11 and underwent a general physical exam. They performed surgery, removing lymphatic fluids, 24 bottles of it. I was told that praying to the Bodhisattva at Linying Temple was effective. I went there to plead and promised that if I recovered, I would come back to pray again. Beginning July 28 my skin became soft.

On August 4, I went to pray again in Linying Temple. On the way back in the car I found that the skin on my hands had become hard again. Renowned professor Huang said my disease was chronic. Twenty days later the swelling returned. The strange thing was that my body was soft from 3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. and became hard and swollen from 11:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. I was supposed to be out of the hospital in 22 days, but Professor Huang asked me to stay there for two more days for observation. Then they stated that they had removed too much lymphatic fluid and I needed blood protein. I had two bottles per day, for ten days. One bottle cost 170 yuan. But I still had generalized edema.

Professor Huang asked me to leave the hospital, and I said, "I'm no better at all, and the swelling doesn't go down. What should I do after I go home?" Professor Huang said, "No doctor can treat your disease, and every doctor might be at a loss regarding the disease." My younger sister asked them to keep me in the hospital for another week. Professor Huang refused firmly and said, "We have tried all the good medicine we have and have no more. Go home and ask your family to provide you with whatever you want to eat."

That was it. I had spent 22,000 yuan at Xiehe Hospital in Wuhan, and 26,000 yuan in Hangzhou City. I was no better, but I was told that I could wait for death.

On August 11, I was forced out of the hospital and had to go wait at home to die.

Three days after I got home, my whole upper body became stiff and my breasts were very hard. Several days later I found my whole body was stiff, even the flesh of my tongue became hard. I stayed up all night and cried to myself. I knew that I wouldn't live for long. I took out all the photos of me and chose one of them as my "portrait of the deceased."

On September 5, 2007, a Falun Gong practitioner came to my husband and me to explain the truth about the persecution. As I was poisoned too deeply by the lies broadcast by the CCP's TV programs, I still couldn't accept Falun Gong. As I hesitated, an acquaintance who is not a practitioner persuaded me to believe in Falun Gong. I thus started studying Falun Dafa on September 6, 2007.

As mentioned above I merely studied the Fa, and on September 15 I started doing the exercises. So far I have watched Master's DVD lecture four times and read Zhuan Falun to the Eighth Chapter. To our great surprise, as told above, I gradually regained my health within 23 days, and the swelling disappeared completely. My body is no longer stiff, and my pale complexion is now rosy and healthy-looking.

I appreciate Master and Dafa beyond words. I will cultivate more diligently, and to return Master's kindness, I will let more people know the truth and take the opportunity to save them through relating my experiences.

October 13, 2007