(Clearwisdom.net) Yan Wen, Secretary of the Dehui City CCP Committee in Jilin Province, reportedly embezzled public funds and delayed paying the teachers' salary, which caused up to a thousand teachers to go on strike. He lied to the public and claimed that the teachers' actions were related to Falun Gong.

Yan Wen made use of his power to monopolize the Dehui City road construction projects, from which he personally benefited financially. He also passed documents regarding persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners to people reporting to him. He appeared in public, on TV, and in large-scale municipal meetings where he cursed and defamed Falun Gong, shouting, "Fight Falun Gong to the end!"

When his embezzlement was exposed and the teachers went on strike, Yan was so afraid of his crime being exposed that he did not allow the media to report this incident. Instead, he threatened reporters and lied to his superiors. He threatened each school principal and their staff with being laid off and being arrested. He sent plainclothes police to try to intimidate them and to find excuses to arrest them. In the end, he reported the incident as a Falun Gong activity and had hundreds of armed police disperse the teachers who were on strike. These actions caused a public uproar and outrage from the community.