(Clearwisdom.net) CIPFG Asia (The Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong) held "Protect Human Rights Nationwide" events December 8 and 9 in 13 locations around Taiwan. The activities were designed to raise awareness of human rights abuses before International Human Rights Day (December 10) and to welcome the Human Rights Torch that will arrive in June 2008. Participants walked backward to symbolize the worsening human rights situation in China and called on Beijing to stop the persecution of Falun Gong.


Kao Wei-pang, Director of CIPFG Asia, led a march starting from Tam-shui MRT Station in Taipei. A group of tourists from China walked by and many of them took pictures of the displays that showed how the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) tortures Falun Gong practitioners. The reporter asked them whether they knew about the CCP making a profit by selling practitioners' organs. One of them did know about the organ harvesting and the Human Rights Torch Relay as well.

Tourists from China took pictures

Annette Lu, Vice President of Taiwan, spoke at the event. Legislator Lai Ching-Te (fourth from right), CIPFG Asia Korea representative Zheng Qiuchen (fourth from left) and three members, Tainan City Mayor Hsu Tain-Tsair (second from right), Tainan City Councilor Chiu Li-Li (far right), and former legislator Lin Lian-Huei (third from right) attended.


Vice President of Taiwan Annette Lu, Legislator Lai Ching-Te, CIPFG Asia Korea representatives Zheng Qiuchen and three others, Tainan City Mayor Hsu Tain-Tsair, Tainan City Councilor Chiu Li-Li, and former legislator Lin Lian-Huei attended the event held in Tainan. Vice President Lu said human rights in China have worsened and it will be the greatest humiliation to humankind if the international community doesn't take action. She stressed that people shouldn't tolerate the CCP stealing organs from living Falun Gong practitioners and trampling human rights. The CCP should hear and feel the world protest its crimes against humanity, and the world should take action to stop the persecution.

Zheng Qiuchen, representative of the Pan-Korean Judicial Reform Bureau and Deputy Director of the Asia Branch of CIPFG in Korea, told the CCP to stop the persecution of Falun Gong.

Ren Xizhun, member of the CIPFG Asia branch in Korea and current representative of a human rights coalition in Korea.

Yin Rong, member of the CIPFG Asia branch in Korea and a representative of Korean Solidarity Against Corruption.

Hong Zhenzhi, member of the CIPFG Asia branch in Korea and member of the Korean Jung Do Association, said he joined the CIPFG because he felt the pain of Falun Gong practitioners tortured in China.


The CIPFG held an event at Chiayi Train Station and Dongshih Fishermen's Wharf to advocate for the Torch Relay. Chiayi City Councilor Tsai Wen-Hsu and Legislator Sandy Chuang joined the activity. Ms. Chuang announced that she had officially become a member of the CIPFG. Among the other members of the CIPFG in Chiayi are Legislator Tsai Tung-Jung, City Councilors Tsai Wen-Hsu and Wang Jin-Shan, and Attorneys Tseng Chin-Yuan and Yang Chung-Ya.


Over 1000 people participated in the CIPFG event by walking and biking on the street at Chungshan Park in Pingtung. At the scene, brides from China, families of victims persecuted in China, and people of conscience signed to support the Torch Relay. Pingtung County head Tsao Chi-hung and legislator candidate Wang Chin-Shih participated in the event.

Mr. Tsao called on the community to pay attention to the CCP's persecution of human rights and expressed his high opinion of practitioners' efforts to condemn the CCP. Legislator Lai said the CCP promised the International Olympics Committee that it would improve its human rights conditions in order to host the 2008 Olympics. But it's only eight months before the Olympics, and human rights in China have worsened. Falun Gong practitioners, Christians, and democratic activists from Tibet and Xinjiang are secretly imprisoned and many of them have been tortured to death.

People participated in the event to protect human rights at 11 Park in Tainan City

A re-enactment exposing doctors removing Falun Gong practitioners' organs in China

A middle-school teacher and his daughter were attracted to the scene by the music and showed their support for Falun Gong and human rights.

People signed their names to support the Torch Relay coming to Taiwan in June 2008

People signed their names to support the Torch Relay coming to Taiwan in June 2008

Hong Zhenzhi, current member of the CIPFG and of the Korean Jung Do Association, said that the CCP violated the Olympic rule of "no discrimination." He also spoke of how the removal of organs from living practitioners in China is still taking place. All of these heinous acts oppose the Olympic spirit.

Ren Xizhun, member of the CIPFG and representative of a human rights coalition in Korea, said that more and more people in Korea are understanding the meaning of the Torch Relay and are supporting it. Ren hoped people in Taiwan could hold more activities to help more people understand the problems in China. Ren also called on Nobel Peace Price winners such as Kim Dae Jung to speak out and advocate for human rights in China because they can get more people's attention.

Wang Fenglan, Chief Executive of CIPFG Asia, said that the CCP has set strict rules against 43 categories of people. According to one of the CCP's Olympic commissioners, people of any religion can participate at the Beijing 2008 Olympics except Falun Gong. Currently many media are under close scrutiny by the CCP, which openly violates the spirit of the Olympics. The CIPFG strongly condemns such violations and hopes the International Olympic Committee will take a good look at the problem.


The Human Rights Torch Relay is sponsored by the CIPFG and many human rights groups around the world to stop the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong and the violation of Chinese people's human rights. The Relay also intends to let people around the world take a good look at how the CCP persecutes human rights in China and in other countries.

The CIPFG is an independent organization founded on International Human Rights Day (December 10) in 2006. It is composed of 350 politicians, human rights activists, lawyers, and people of high achievement. The purpose of the CIPFG is to perform a detailed investigation into the CCP's removing of organs from living Falun Gong practitioners.