(Clearwisdom.net) I am from the countryside and in my seventies. The practitioner who taught me Falun Gong is very enthusiastic and often tells me about Fa-validation activities. He also goes out of his way to give me rides to attend these activities.

At the beginning, he guided me to take part in projects for validating the Fa. He taught me how to write letters and send text messages. Afterwards, my husband also started practicing Falun Dafa. Later we learned that we could use a computer to clarify the facts. Fellow practitioners told me it was very easy to send truth-clarification information on the Internet. We therefore purchased a computer. Initially we did not even know how to use the mouse. I was able to learn computer skills from practitioners who attentively taught and mentored me. I also learned that I could write letters and make phone calls to Mainland Chinese to clarify the truth, so I participated in these projects. Each morning I mail truth-clarification letters. My handwriting is poor and slow, so I am just responsible for stuffing and sealing envelopes. In the afternoon I join the group effort to make truth-clarifying phone calls to China. At first I dared not make phone calls, and instead sat by and sent forth righteous thoughts. A few months later, a practitioner encouraged me to clarify the facts over the phone. At first I was so nervous that my heart was pumping like it was going to come out, and I did not even remember what I said. After that, a fellow practitioner told me that just saying "Falun Dafa is good" can have a effect. Consequently, I started taking phone numbers home with me to make calls at home.

One time I read a fellow practitioner's article on the web. The author said that if he had to make 999 phone calls in order to save the 1000th person, he would carry on with making phone calls just to save that one person. I thought to myself, "I will also give it a shot." I began attending group Fa-study on Saturdays and listening to other practitioners clarifying the truth on the phone. After listening to their phone conversations many times, I asked fellow practitioners to write down what they said when they clarified the facts over the phone. Thus, I had a script for what to say, and I officially started clarifying the facts over the phone.

The first time I called China, I closed the door and sat in a daze in front of the telephone, and I could not pick up the phone. My heart was pounding and my head hurt. I thought to myself, "This isn't right." So I picked up the phone reluctantly and started dialing. I would continue calling if no one answered the phone on the other end. Eventually my head stopped hurting, and my mind became calmer. Nevertheless, sometimes I made phone calls for several hours and no one answered the phone, so I asked myself what I was doing wrong. I thought and thought and I did not know the reason behind this. I then asked Teacher in tears, "Where did I do wrong? How come no one wants to listen to me?" I exchanged thoughts with fellow practitioners and learned that I needed to maintain righteous thoughts. As soon as our righteous thoughts emerge, we will be able to clear the other person's field, and it will work. We should not care on the surface if no one answers the phone or listens to you.

In this way I have stayed on this journey for the past three years. Every day I make truth-clarifying phone calls for about four hours. I have prepared different phone scripts, and they are all for saving people. For the past few years, I sometimes felt disappointed because I was not able to successfully persuade too many people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-affiliated organizations, and I thought that I had not done a good job. However, when I shared my experience with fellow practitioners, they reminded me not to just look at the numbers, but at whether I have the heart to save people.

Through making truth-clarifying phone calls I have been able to listen to the sufferings of the Chinese people. Sometimes I really feel sorry for them and hope that they can quit the evil CCP. It is exactly because of this thought that I cannot put down the phone. When making these phone calls, I have talked to some elderly people in their eighties and listened to the pain they had suffered. I have also helped eight or nine year-old children to withdraw from the Young Pioneers League. I am no longer attached to whether or not someone quits the CCP over the phone through me. I regard myself as a pioneer who paves the way by clearing someone's field, and perhaps he will quit the CCP when the next practitioner calls him.

Fellow practitioners, please pick up the phone to save people. Do not be obstructed by fear or human notions. I have been able to make phone calls to clarify the facts at my age and with my accent. It is very easy to make such phone calls. Let's encourage each other, and we definitely will be able to save more predestined people.

The above is my sharing on making truth-clarification phone calls. Please correct me if there is anything improper.