(Clearwisdom.net) The author of "Sharing with Dafa Practitioners in Qian'an City" said it very well, mentioning, "What kind of mindset should we have, after all, toward those police officers who persecuted us?" Here I would like to share some of my understanding in this regard based on my experience.

Once when I persuaded some people to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations, a person who was ignorant of the facts reported me to the authorities. I became a little agitated during an interrogation at the 610 Office. When the office leader treated me ferociously I also stared at him, raised my head high, and argued with him. None of his subordinates were fierce, and I could tell them about the persecution in a peaceful way. One police officer even said, "Why did you treat him that way, and treat me this way?"

I returned safely following one-month of unlawful detention and again joined the activities of Fa-rectification. When I sent righteous thoughts to eliminate the bad notions in my mind and reconsidered my experience during that time I came to understand that having anger or hatred toward the police is also an attachment that should be eliminated. The CCP has poisoned the minds of the police who are involved in the persecution of Dafa practitioners. If we treat them with anger or hatred, we will have unknowingly turned our relationship with them into one between the persecuted and the persecutors. This is the same as our acknowledging the old forces' arrangements -- and prevents the police from recognizing Dafa practitioners' compassion and peacefulness. They are left feeling that all practitioners hate them. My colleague's relative who works for the 610 Office told me this.

That 610 Office head later ordered me to appear at the police station. Fellow practitioners who had learned of this asked me not to cooperate with them and not go. I understand the principle of not cooperating with the evil, but when I remembered that I was so emotional last time and I had not done well I decided to go there to see them, to remedy the losses I had caused. I asked Master for support and told myself, "Have each and every single thought of mine be in accord with the Fa. I go there to show them the greatness of Dafa practitioners, rather than to cooperate with them!"

I wore proper clothing. When seeing that 610 Office head, I sincerely promoted Dafa to him. I told him that believing in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" is not a crime, and I refused to sign my name on a document he had presented to me. He started to become agitated saying, "How could you not be guilty by just saying you are not guilty? Wait and see what will happen!" He hinted that he would send me to a forced labor camp.

I said to him peacefully, "I say I have committed no crimes based on my conscience. Now you have power. You can say I have committed crimes, and you can also say I am innocent. Older people talk about accumulating virtue or losing virtue. So what kind of things have you done?" He dared not look at me, mumbling, "Ah! It is not I who determines what is a crime or not." His implication was that the top government officials make such determinations. Knowing that he wanted to shirk responsibility I immediately stopped him by saying, "On this issue, you also have responsibility." He became agitated again, and said, "Don't threaten me." I smiled, looking in his eyes and said in a dignified manner, "I am unarmed. I am in your police department. How could I threaten you? However, the heavenly principle applies, that good is rewarded with good, and evil is met with evil! The heavens are arranging everything for everyone, based on what they have done." The 610 Office head stopped talking. He lowered his head and started to write something.

One of the policemen present who said he majored in law tried to teach me the "law." I told him that persecution of Falun Gong is illegal. My education is not too high, but it took only several rounds of verbal exchanges before he was out of things to say. I knew this happened because Dafa had endowed me with the wisdom of what to say. I also felt that Master and other righteous gods were beside me. From beginning to end I was candid, natural, and peaceful. When I did not need to say anything I sent righteous thoughts. After a while, the 610 Office head finished his writing. He asked me to sign my name. I said I would not sign. He then cleaned something on his desk and let me go.

This incident made me realize that if one has acted righteously and has no fear, anger or hatred, the old forces will have no way to harm the person. The old forces have utilized the wicked people and those who have bad thoughts to carry out this persecution, which Master does not acknowledge. Master wants to save all sentient beings. Whether those who are involved in the persecution can be saved or not depends on their own actions. When I realized this point I felt that the police are really to be pitied. They are the lives that the old forces want to eliminate. They will be hopelessly doomed unless we show them compassion. Of course, the Fa judges whether or not a life can be saved. We merely need to do the three things well, treat sentient beings compassionately, let go of all our human notions, and offer people salvation.

Owing to my limited understanding, please point out anything improper.