(Clearwisdom.net) I am an Associate Professor at a medical university. There have been a lot of people who asked me: "You are a medical specialist. Why do you practice Falun Dafa?" The reason is that even though I have some knowledge of modern science, I could not find the meaning of life and I could not get rid of my spiritual sufferings. Although it is very convenient for me to seek a doctor or use medicine, modern medicine cannot help me truly cure my illnesses.

Before I practiced Falun Dafa, I suffered so much that it was beyond the words: Since I gave birth to my child in 1982, I had arthritis all over my body. I had periodic dizziness and migraines. At nights it was more severe and accompanied with vomiting. I was afraid of the wind; and I had severe insomnia. I had over a dozen types of health problems. I had turned into a drug bottle, but that still could not heal my illnesses. I was thinking to myself, why it was so painful for me to be alive?

Mid-March of 1994 marked the start of my brand new life. A student introduced me to Falun Gong. Thus I attained a copy of the book Falun Gong. I finished reading the book in one day. I kept on reading it again and again. My whole family loved it so much that they did not want to let go of it. That night, I slept extremely well! Then my entire family joined the other 60 to 70 people from our university, and watched the video of Master Li Hongzhi teaching the exercises. When I saw Master, my impression at that time was how familiar Master looked; it seemed as if I had seen him before.

During June 21 to June 28,1994, I was lucky to be able to participate in Master's Second Series of Lectures of Falun Gong in Jinan. Although 13 years have past, the scenes of that time are still fresh in my mind. I was extremely honored to have been able to learn from Master in person. Those are the most unforgettable days of my life.

At 6 pm on June 21, 1994, when Master appeared in the Jinan City's Huangting Gymnasium, over 4000 students from all over the country, Taiwan, Japan, or other areas, applauded vigorously for a long time to welcome Master's arrival. It did not stop until Master started to lecture. Seeing Master, I felt I had met up with a family member that I had not seen for a long time. Master took a piece of paper out from the pocket of his shirt. He used this same piece of paper for all of his ten lectures. He lectured voluminously, from human bodies to the universe, from particles to the planets, from the prehistoric qigong to the real purpose of a human life... During the course of listening to his lectures, I was showered in an unspeakable harmonious and compassionate environment. I listened to venerable Master's lecture with unprecedented peace and happiness in my life. I was shocked and subdued by the broad and profound Buddha Law and the divine music with huge Buddha grace power coming from the space and colossal universe. I felt that my heart was submerged in the "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance" law of the universe, and my life was changed tremendously.

As I remember, on the second day, because my seat was located far from Master's podium, I left my seat and found a place closer to the front. I went back to my own seat on the third day. It was not just me; all the students in the gymnasium did the same thing. The place was quiet and orderly. Everyone found his/her own seat and sat down to listen. Every day before lecturing, venerable Master would announce the items lost and found, and the owners of the items would go up the podium to take his/her belongings back. The students found a gold necklace, money, a watch, etc. All were returned.

During the class, I also saw the red-colored light Master sent out. When he talked about the Falun emblem, the Falun emitted red lights like laser beams; the perimeter of the large carpet in the lecture hall was beaming with thousands of rays the color of yellow chrysanthemum. When Master told the people who were fanning themselves with the hand fans to put down their fans, there were drafts of cool air blowing on my back and shoulder; it felt so good. I had never experienced such a cool and comfortable feeling in the hot weather of June, 1994.

It had been several months since my menstruation stopped. On the fourth day of the lectures, Master adjusted it back for me. I had been taking Chinese medicine for half a year, but was not cured; while on the third day of his lectures, Master cured me. During the eight-day lectures, my over a dozen different health problems vanished. I was particularly afraid of wind before, but it was no longer a problem, even as I was sitting next to an electrical fan. I was so excited about this. Ever since then, I have gotten rid of my bottles of medicines. From 1994 to the present time, it has saved our country a substantial amount of medical fees.

Each day, a practitioner would show us the exercises after Master lectured. I saw Master did not even want to take the time to drink some water while he was trying to correct the postures of the students.

One afternoon, it was very cloudy, but the rain did not fall. Master took pictures with over 4000 students. They were grouped by different cities, counties or companies. There were so many that I could not even count. Master helped to organize the groups and took pictures with them one after another. Master's big stature made people feel so comfortable and tranquil. It made me feel Master was so righteous, compassionate and respectable, with an unspeakable kindness.

During the classes, Master opened practitioners' third eyes. Some saw Master's Gong Body, and the Gods from different levels listening to the lectures; they saw the flying and turning Law Wheel, heavenly maidens spreading flowers, all kinds of colors of light, and other wondrous scenes.

The evening of June 28 was the last day of his lecture and Master used it to answer questions. The students asked a lot of questions, and Master answered every single one of them. I wanted to ask questions too, but I could not come up with any. I was shocked by the profound Law that I had never learned or heard of before in my life. At last, when the end of the lectures was announced, all the students in the auditorium stood up and applauded for a long time. Many companies and individuals presented award banners and letters of thanks. I was most impressed by a mother and son. Because the son's persistent disease was cured, they kowtowed and presented an award banner to Master. Master stepped down from the podium, like a father, he took hold of the child and told him not to kowtow.

Master purified my body and my mind. I turned into a person who was free of health problems. It was like I awakened from a dream, and I was so excited. When I went home, my husband asked me how it was and I told him that it was really worth it.

After attending Master's lectures, I understood that my health problems originated from the karma I accumulated lifetime after lifetime. The persistent health problems were caused by my karma and lack of virtue. Ever since then, I have been studying the Fa diligently, and assimilating to the Fa, I am strong and healthy, and walk swiftly; it is as if someone is pushing me as I ride my bike.

After the start of the persecution, I went to the capital city of my province to clarify the truth. I went to Beijing 6 times. The evil party has illegally detained me, sent me to brainwashing, ransacked my home, fined me, etc. However, such evil persecution could not change the righteous belief of a true practitioner. Whenever I see the propaganda on the news intended to slander Dafa, I feel even stronger of Master's greatness and mighty grace.

The happiest moments of my life were the days of June 21 to June 28, 1994. With all Master have given us, I want to write this down and share it with you. Let's do the three things well according to Master's instruction, clarify the truth and save sentient beings. May we reach consummation and follow Master back home.