(Clearwisdom.net) I began to practice Dafa in 2000. Later, I learned that my husband had an affair with a lady. I nearly drove my husband from our home because of my strong attachment to human emotion. Although Teacher reminded me in a dream that it was a cultivation test, I still could not get through it.

Anyway, I recognized that I shouldn't be like that, and finally my husband didn't leave and I became diligent again in cultivation.

Before 2005, my husband did not understand Dafa and what I was doing. In the summer of 2005, with Teacher's compassionate arrangement, I met some local Dafa practitioners so I did not need to get materials from my brother who was hundreds of miles away. Sometimes, I would place materials such as brochures, or Minghui Weekly in the bedstand, but my husband never looked at them. When I tried to tell him about it, he would ask me to be quiet.

When he was in a happy mood, I would talk to him about Dafa. I sent righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil behind him and tried to behave according to the standard of Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance. He found that the practitioners I contacted were very nice, and he realized that I and my daughter were very healthy all these years without taking any medications. So he gradually changed his mind toward Dafa.

One day, my daughter got a fever of 102 degrees. My husband was very anxious and asked me to take her to see doctor, but my daughter said she was a Dafa practitioner and she would be fine. So we kept sending righteous thoughts and she recovered the next morning. Thus, we witnessed the miracle of Dafa.

In addition, I also found my attachment of fear and I did not deeply believe in Fa and Teacher in my heart. Previously, when my daughter got a fever, I would help her send righteous thoughts and hoped she would recover as soon as possible. If my daughter took medicine or her fever got worse, it would be more difficult for my husband to believe in Dafa. When I faced this situation with righteous thoughts, everything turned out well. My husband changed his mind toward Dafa.

Now he likes to read and listen to Dafa books and materials, and has helped me to persuade people to quit the CCP and affiliated organizations. I am very happy that he rectified and positioned himself. I knew everything was done by Teacher, while we acted as a bridge between salvation and annihilation.

The home environment is very important and, if the family relationship is harmonized enough, many more sentient beings will benefit from Dafa and will be saved. Some fellow practitioners may think that they know their family members pretty well. They feel it is hard to change their attitude toward Dafa, so they rarely clarify truth at home. Please be kindly reminded that they are our family members because of a great predestined relationship. Fa can harmonize everything and Fa created everything and Fa is changing everything. Our family members are among the sentient beings we are supposed to save, and the process of saving them is also a process of cultivation.