(Clearwisdom.net) I have joined and benefited from the morning group exercises. I would like to share my experience and urge those fellow practitioners who haven't done so to participate as soon as possible.

In order to do the three things well, we need to cultivate ourselves well first. In the meantime, we will experience the wonder and magnificence of Dafa. Two hours of morning exercises brings me a whole refreshing day. During group exercise, I feel a strong energy field that is quite different from what I experience when doing the exercises alone. Participating in the group exercise is also one aspect of cooperating with the whole body. It helps to get rid of one's laziness as well.

At the beginning, I had a very difficult time interrupting my sound sleep and leaving a comfortable bed. I usually postponed it until my husband started the exercises and I could hear Master's voice. Then I would quickly jump out of bed to join him, but I usually missed the first few movements. Sometimes I went back to my warm bed after finishing just the first set of exercises. However, I could not really get a good sleep, and I wasted the hour in the blink of an eye. When the music came to an end, I regretted it very much and felt that I had lost something. Cultivation is a serious matter. If one slacks off a little bit, it's almost impossible to get up due to the pursuit of comfort.

But now, with more practice, I have experienced some positive changes in my body and have more confidence in doing the morning exercises. After finishing all five, I usually feel very refreshed and happy. During the exercises, a strong energy field surrounds me and makes me feel warm and comfortable, which gradually helped me get rid of the attachment to the warm bed. Every morning's exercise brings me high spirits and a rosy complexion. Thus I would encourage all practitioners to do the same. I believe that the healthy look of a practitioner is also a validation of the Fa.

It's getting cold now, so one needs strong righteous thoughts to jump out of a warm bed. However, when I am very reluctant to get up, I think about what our Master has endured for us, the great sacrifices of our overseas fellow practitioners, and the pain of those detained fellow practitioners, and I can get up immediately without any hesitation. I don't feel cold either during the exercises.

Since the persecution started, we have lost the environment of group exercises. But now, with Master's help and the thoughtful arrangement of fellow practitioners, we have decided to do the exercises from 3:50 a.m. To 5:50 a.m. together. I think it's a relatively reasonable time for most practitioners. It's up to us whether we want to join or not. Now that we have set the time, we should cherish it and never miss the good opportunity due to our pursuit of comfort. In fact, this is also a process of improving our xinxing. I sincerely hope that those practitioners who haven't done so will join us, so that we may form an environment and improve as one body. And you, too, may gain deeper understanding of the Fa at that time.

Please kindly point out anything inappropriate. Heshi!