(Clearwisdom.net) I'm a Dafa disciple who obtained the Fa in 2006. I really don't know how to thank Master and Dafa for all the benefits that I've gained in just over a year.

Before I obtained the Fa, I lived in sadness and anxiety. Because I had never gone to school, I didn't share a common language with my husband. Because of hard work, and because I had to take care of the children, I looked much older than my husband. Later, my husband went into business and made some money. He went out with some girls and scolded and hit me often. He even wanted to divorce me. I felt very sad and tired.

As my husband was preparing to divorce me, he suffered from a variety of diseases. He became extremely weak a few months later. I became even more worried because he was sick. During this time, I also suffered from uterine erosion and backache.

In Spring 2006, my husband obtained the Fa through a fellow practitioner. In just over half a year, he became a different person. He spoke very gently and treated people very kindly. He was used to be troubled by lust, but now he doesn't even turn on the TV. He completely changes the way he treats me, and leads my family to the path of cultivation. In the daytime, he goes out to do business, and we study the Fa together at nighttime. By studying the Fa and practicing the exercises, my whole family enjoys good health. My husband's bad behaviors have changed and we live happily.

I want to thank Master, Dafa, and my fellow practitioners. You've made me realize what it means by: Buddha Fa is boundless, repent and be saved. I write down my personal experience and my gratitude to Dafa in the hope to guide those people who are still struggling in their lives to see the light of Dafa. I believe that Dafa will turn what's worst into what's best. I also hope that people will cherish this rare opportunity and cultivate in Dafa, and rise above bitterness and suffering. Like the song goes: Remember Falun Dafa is good, what's in front of you is a golden path.