(Clearwisdom.net) Looking back to the path I took to start practicing Falun Dafa under Master's protection, I feel very grateful for my teacher's magnificent compassion.

I am a teacher in a village in Gansu Province. A dozen years ago, I took teaching positions in various elementary schools in a very poor rural area. Every week I had to teach nearly 30 classes and review a lot of homework. The workload was so heavy that I got burned out and I fell sick. Despite various treatments, my health failed to improve. After hearing that qigong could cure illnesses, I decided to give it a try. Nevertheless, there were so many kinds of qigong practices that I didn't know which one to choose. I wasted quite a lot of time, until the winter of 1993, when someone was giving a lecture about "Calligraphy Qigong." I wrote a letter to the person for answers. In return, he sent me a calligraphy poster and the so-called "practice method." I was hesitant, so I asked my husband for advice. He said, "Falun Gong is mentioned in the qigong magazine. It is very popular. Why don't you do some research on it?"

I quickly wrote a letter. Soon, Wang Zhiwen, a practitioner, replied and sent a copy of the book China Falun Gong and other materials. On the back of the envelope, Master Li had written in his own handwriting: "There is bad stuff on your poster. Burn it." I was deeply touched. In particular, Master's portrait in the book seemed familiar to me. It seemed to me that I had seen Him before, although I couldn't remember where. "I'm a nobody in a remote countryside village, whereas Master Li is a nationally renowned qigong master. Nevertheless, Master Li not only read my letter but personally wrote a note to me and asked practitioner Wang to reply to my letter and to mail me the book. How commendable! Such a trivial thing, but Master still personally took care of it." I was deeply touched by Master's incredibly noble, moral character. What a striking contrast to the bureaucracy in this society!

Without taking a penny, Master mailed me the precious materials--"seeking no rewards," exactly as Master taught us. What a striking contrast with other qigong "masters" who indulge in making profits! At that moment, my consciousness told me that this must be a righteous way, a way I had been looking for for many years. Today I had found it!

So I respectfully picked up the book China Falun Gong and began to read it like a starving person. As I read, I experienced thousands of golden rays penetrating my body and deep into my soul. When I read that cultivation practice is to cultivate one's xinxing (mind nature), that "a person's gong level is as high as his or her xinxing level," and that "the whole course of one's cultivation is to let go of his attachments unceasingly," my whole body felt like it had been electric-shocked, my soul shaking, my heart very joyful, and my body much lighter than usual. Like a long lost orphan who has finally found her mother and fallen into her arms, I was so delighted! I quickly wrote about my personal experience and mailed it to Master.

In 1994, Master traveled around the country and gave quite a few lectures. While I wanted to attend the lectures, my child was too young and I was too busy at work to go. As a result, I lost the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Despite my resolve to cultivate, I did not know how to genuinely cultivate myself. In the spring of 1995, I thought that since I was not able to attend Master's lecture, I probably should ask Master to install a Falun for me. I sent 30 yuan and a picture of myself. Once again Wang Zhiwen replied: "I am returning your money and picture. Master read your letter and advised me to tell you that as long as you diligently read the Fa, practice the exercises, and become a good person, you will get whatever you deserve." Practitioner Wang also said that there was a practice site nearby in Yima Township in Qingyang and advised me to study the Fa there. "The effect will be the same," he continued. Yet with a lot of attachments, I failed to go to Yima Township for Fa study and I lost a lot of precious time for cultivation practice.

February 26, 1996, was the most unforgettable day of my life. On that day my husband and I were visiting Xifeng, where we spotted real treasure--the book Zhuan Falun. We bought it right away. During the New Year's holiday season, I did not go anywhere but continuously read the book. The more I read, the better I understood the Fa..

One night after I finished reading the book for the third time, I dreamed of Master, who was wearing the golden kasaya and saying to me in a dignified manner, "Now I'm installing Falun for you." Right then I felt the rapid spinning of my lower abdomen. I was awakened right away, but I could still feel the spinning. I was excited and very very grateful to Master. From the bottom of my heart, I made up my mind to genuinely cultivate myself, repay Master for His kindness, and follow Teacher until I return home. Right after the New Year, I went to the Yima practice site for group practice.

After starting my genuine cultivation practice, the miraculous effects of Dafa manifested in me and my various illnesses disappeared, for good! My face was glowing and I was full of energy. I was a completely different person. Dafa not only returned my health to me, but, more importantly, gave me a pleasant soul. It taught me the truth about life and the significance of life. My coworkers and neighbors were amazed at my dramatic changes. I explained to them how wonderful Falun Dafa is and how it had changed me. From then on, I started promoting the Fa. During the process, I had pleasant as well as difficult experiences, but whenever I encountered problems, I managed to look within and find what my own problems were.

To benefit more people, I often used my weekends and holidays to go visit different farmers' markets and city streets to promote the Fa and guide more people to practice. Before July 20, 1999, I organized over a dozen assistance classes. During that time, I did not become lax on the path of cultivation. Except for my own job of teaching and correcting homework at school, I spent the rest of my time on studying the Fa, practicing the exercises, and promoting the Fa. At one point, I was able to memorize several chapters of Zhuan Falun. As a result of my diligent Fa-study and cultivation, Dafa is deeply rooted in my heart. After July 20, 1999, I went to Beijing twice to appeal for Falun Gong. Despite being illegally detained three times and nearly four years of torture in forced labor camps, with my unshakable belief in Master and in Dafa, I have been able to walk steadily on the path of cultivation practice.

Recollecting my cultivation experience, I truly believe that everything is arranged by Master, and Master's fashen has been doing everything for us. Every step we take is under Master's compassionate protection. Master has been tirelessly taking care of us. Whatever we do is our mission and therefore must be done well. During this last moment of Fa-rectification, we must have righteous thoughts and righteous acts, advance diligently, widely promote the Fa, save sentient beings, and harmonize the Fa-rectification.