(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Sang Chunlian from Houzhang Village, Shouguang City, Shandong Province was arrested by the local police on September 24, 2007. That night she was locked up in the Shouguang City Police Department, where two policemen brutally tortured her.

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Ms. Sang Chunlian's injury from burning by the policemen

One of the two policemen was wearing a police uniform and was in his 40's. He looked like a team leader. This policeman forced Ms. Sang to sit on the ground, grabbed her hands and forced them behind her back. He then hooked his hand underneath Ms. Sang's chin and pulled it upward hard. He pinched her ears and twisted them hard, slapped her with both hands heavily, and stomped on her legs and feet with his heavy leather boots.

The other policeman was in plain clothes and was in his 30's. He had a round face, big eyes, and crew cut hair. He cursed Ms. Sang and Falun Gong viciously. He burned her arms and hands with a cigarette lighter with the maximum flame and caused many blisters. After one lighter was used up he changed to another one. He deliberately chose her fingers and elbows where it would hurt the most. He burned them until flesh and blood were so injured and mixed that they were hard to tell apart. At the same time he said, "Tonight I must skin you!" Then he tore off Ms. Sang's shirt and pants, shouting, "Everybody out of this room. I am going to burn her genital area."

This is the conduct of policemen hired by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). They torture good people out of their own beastly nature.

Contact information:

610 Office, National Security Section of Shouguang City Police Department: 86-536-5298766 (specially in charge of arresting practitioners)

Zhang Shaohua, captain of the 610 Office: 86-536-5298855 (Office), 86-536-5227638 (Home), 86-13606364986 (Mobile)

Xia Wenhai, deputy captain of the 610 Office: 86-536-5298733 (Office), 86-536-5298326 (Home), 86-13953695686 (Mobile)

Shouguang City 610 Office: 86-536-5260610

On-duty telephone of the 610 Office: 86-536-5221395

Jia Zhenghong, director of 610 Office: 86-536-5112085 (Office), 86-536-5296358 (Dorm), 86-13606461812 (Mobile)

Zhu Shousong, deputy director: 86-536-5221395 (Office), 86-536-5269569 (Dorm), 86-13562620166 (Mobile)

Li Tongzhong, deputy director (This person has participated in the persecution of Falun Gong since 2000, and participated many times in devising plans to harass and arrest practitioners. His criminal deeds have been exposed on the Clearwisdom website, but he never shows any repent.) 86-536-5260610 (Office), 86-536-5108099 (Dorm), 86-13864681566 (Mobile)

Shouguang City Police Department's on-duty telephone: 86-536-5221108

Qie Zuokun, police chief: 86-536-5298001 (Office), 86-536-5209266 (Office), 86-536-4261398 (Home), 86-13963630388 (Mobile)

Li Hongtao, political commissar: 86-536-5298009 (Office), 86-536-5298396 (Home), 86-13806465206 (Mobile)

Xu Guanglei, deputy police chief: 86-536-5298008 (Office), 86-536-5298777 (Home), 86-13906366777 (Mobile)

October 26, 2007