(Clearwisdom.net) In the past eight years of persecution, evil elements in other dimensions have been interfering with our truth-clarification work and hampering sentient beings from obtaining Teacher's salvation. It is my understanding that only by ending the persecution as soon as possible will we be completely walking the path Teacher has arranged for us. To end the persecution, we must enhance our understanding of the Fa on thoroughly denying the old force arrangements. Lately I have developed new understandings through Fa study.

1. May our divine sides be resurrected

Teacher said,

"Back at that time, I wanted the transformation of the surface body to be in sync with the part that has been well-cultivated; I wanted to have the body be disassociated with the human state during cultivation; and I wanted to have the cultivating disciples use their own righteous thoughts to maintain a state that is just like that of human beings. Over these issues I was at an impasse with them for a year. That's why I didn't start to teach the Fa in public at that time. We stayed in a stalemate for a year. Even now I can't acknowledge what they have insisted upon, and I absolutely will not acknowledge it in the future. In the future all beings that have been part of the interferences and disruptions will be disintegrated in the process of paying for what they have done. What I want has to be accomplished, even if we have to reverse history and start from scratch again. Both this content and process are necessary for Fa-rectification. I am not referring to things that will happen when the Fa rectifies the human world." ("Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles")

In my opinion, Teacher had meant for our divine sides to eliminate the evil beings in the dimensions that the force of His Fa-rectification has not swept through, including the human realm, for the sake of saving sentient beings. However, the old forces have been creating partitions to separate our human sides from our divine sides and to separate divine beings in higher realms from the sentient beings to be saved. By doing so, the old forces have obstructed sentient beings from Teacher's salvation and interfered with Teacher's Fa-rectification.

Teacher said, "I am not referring to things that will happen when the Fa rectifies the human world." It is my understanding that we must, by the time the Fa rectifies the human world, have our human sides be in sync with our divine sides in order to help with the Fa-rectification. This is needed to save all the sentient beings in the Fa-rectification period. If all the practitioners send forth righteous thoughts at the same time for five minutes when our divine sides are resurrected, all the evil elements keeping the persecution running will be completely disintegrated. Free of old force manipulation, sentient beings will be able to choose their own future according to what they want. This is what Teacher wants. If Teacher does this directly, then it means the Fa is already rectifying the human world and it will be too late for the sentient beings to choose their future. This is why we must end the persecution right away.

I used to think that practitioners do not have the ability to remove the partitioning and that only Teacher has the power to eliminate such gigantic elements at the microscopic levels. But I had a different understanding when I studied the following passage of the Fa. Teacher said,

"Before the persecution started on July 20, 1999, some Dafa disciples were in a state where they were at a high level of gradual enlightenment. They haven't been allowed to get involved in resisting the persecution. No one dares to persecute them, and they haven't gotten involved. If they joined forces they could stop this persecution, but they already know everything." ("Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles")

It is my understanding that it takes the power of Teacher's Fa-rectification to completely eliminate the evil elements, but practitioners' divine sides can work together to resist the evil elements and to end the persecution more quickly.

Practitioners' well-cultivated, divine sides have attained the standards of different levels of the new universe. They have righteous understanding of the Fa-rectification at their respective levels and, thus, completely deny the persecution of Falun Gong. But our human side is dominant in cultivation practice. Only our Primordial Spirit may order our divine side to help with the Fa-rectification. In fact, when we send forth righteous thoughts, we are putting our divine side to work.

Teacher said,

"Dafa disciples can call upon divine power and gong when they have righteous thoughts, but it's hard for them to call upon their divine side that has completed cultivation." ("Teaching the Fa at the Discussion on Creating Fine Art")

Why did our righteous thoughts fail to call upon our divine sides? By studying "Expounding on the Fa" in Essentials for Further Advancement, I have developed a new understanding. If our human side has doubts or misunderstandings about the Fa-rectification, our divine side will be suppressed and prevented from assisting in the Fa-rectification. This may be the fundamental reason why we haven't been able to completely end the wicked persecution.

2. Understand the Fa-rectification from Teacher's perspective and eliminate our doubts and misunderstandings completely

A while ago, the police arrested some local practitioners that we had perceived to have stronger righteous thoughts. Some fellow practitioners felt confused because of the arrests. A practitioner commented, "They had such strong righteous thoughts, how could they possibly be arrested? How do you explain this phenomenon from the Fa? They must have some attachments that they haven't identified." Another practitioner commented, "If there is a persecution, it must be that the evil beings from other dimensions have found some excuse to justify their persecution. We must find this excuse."

I used to have the same misunderstanding: If evil beings can persecute a practitioner, there must be a reason and the reason must have to do with a loophole in our cultivation practice. I thought there must be some attachments we failed to identify that had caused the evil to exploit them. Hence, I used to passively acknowledge the persecution and the existence of the evil beings responsible for it. It was as though we could not completely eliminate the persecution until we have reached Consummation and have attained the selfless and altruistic realm. The truth is that we all have attachments to some extent as long as we have not reached Consummation, but these attachments should not become an excuse for the evil to persecute us. In other words, the evil beings will find such "excuses" to persecute us based on their degenerated notions, but we must never follow the evil beings' school of thought and try to find or acknowledge their "excuse" to persecute us.

Each time the evil beings persecuted us, we always reached the same conclusion after searching inward; the persecution took place because there was a loophole as a whole. The evil beings persecuted us because we had loopholes here or there. But we failed to detect that; by following such a school of thought, we had looked for excuses for the evil beings to persecute us. We must completely separate our cultivation from the evil persecution. It is the Fa that will help me rectify my attachments. My cultivation has nothing to do with the evil persecution. The only relationship between us and the evil beings is that we are to eliminate them completely and that they will be completely eliminated.

On the other hand, we should solidly search inward to elevate our levels while we are validating the Fa. Instead of looking at the persecution from the perspective of a cultivator, who has a selfish agenda to cultivate "myself" or elevate "my" level, we should truly consider and understand the Fa-rectification from Teacher's perspective. Only when we eliminate all doubts and misunderstanding about the persecution will we be able to completely deny all of the evil beings' wicked arrangements.

Teacher said,

"When it comes to any matter in which you know I've participated, you have to consider the matter from my perspective." ("Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Switzerland")

It is my understanding that there is a Law that far surpasses all the Laws in the old universe: Teacher's choice (or the choice of the future universe.) With this in mind, none of the old force arrangements make any sense at all in the Fa-rectification period no matter what kind of excuses they come up with. In fact, even the existence of the old forces do not make any sense at all. This is because the need of Teacher's Fa-rectification takes precedence over everything else. It follows that the pacts that practitioners signed with the old forces and the malevolent relationships from previous lives between practitioners and the persecutors must be denied completely. As long as we have sufficient righteous thoughts, we will be able to deny them.

When evil beings attempt to persecute a practitioner, they do it with trepidation even though they have found an excuse to justify their persecution. They do it with great trepidation because they know they are damaging Teacher's Fa-rectification by destroying practitioners and because they know they have completely violated Teacher's choice. As for us, we may have attachments that we have not identified, we are trying our best to follow Teacher's choice. We will look for our attachments in time for the sake of saving sentient beings. Our well-cultivated sides are great enlightened beings in the new universe. We should consider ourselves as "Fa's guardians in the human world" and should not compromise ourselves at all in terms of denying the wicked persecution.

The longer the persecution lasts, the less people we will be able to save. I hope that all of us will cultivate solidly and diligently, change our concepts, keep letting go of our notions and consider the Fa-rectification from Teacher's perspective in order to eliminate all the confusions and misunderstandings about the Fa. May our divine sides be resurrected! Let's eliminate all the remaining evil beings with our righteous thoughts and harmonize with Teacher's choice with our greatest kind thoughts.