(Clearwisdom.net) Whenever I pick up the precious photo that we took with Master at Binzhou Lecture Series in 1994, I miss Master so much! I feel a warm current pass through my whole body. It has been thirteen years, but Master's towering figure, his amiable manner, his compassionate smile, all the memories come back. It was the happiest time of my life. Dafa granted me the greatest fortune and encouraged me to walk the path of cultivation and return to my original self.

I had numerous diseases by the age of twenty. I could not work. I visited famous Chinese doctors across the country. I consumed large amounts of medicine, visited many qigong masters and later converted to Buddhism; but no matter what I did, the doctors said that I would only live for another eight or nine years.

For the next ten years, I always asked the heavens, "Why is fate so cruel to me?" I always had this wish: "How wonderful it would be if I could find a Master who could cure me!"

One night around 10pm, I was half asleep and was going to bed, when I saw a bright light from the sky coming directly toward my window. The light arrived in front of my bed, and the deity of longevity appeared, dressed in a satin gown. His white hair was combed up and his white beard was ten-inches long. He carried a white wand in his hand and waved it up and down towards me: "Miss, you will not die." He disappeared as soon as he said this. I hurried to watch the star that had left my house. Who was this deity? How did he know me? I carried this puzzle for many years until I obtained the Fa.

I developed acute myocarditis in 1989, and was in critical condition. My family had already prepared a shroud for me; but, to everyone's surprise, I miraculously turned around. My doctors said that it must be my strong vitality, but I remembered what the visiting deity had told me.

In July of 1994, my family told me about a new Qigong class in Binzhou which was extremely well received. I hadn't initially planned to go, but my family insisted, so I went.

Our hotel was arranged by the Qigong Association Committee, and many practitioners came from across China, many of whom were veteran practitioners who had attended several such classes. I heard several people say that Master came to rectify the Fa, and he was not an ordinary qigong master; it was lucky that I decided to come.

When I first saw Master, he was walking up to the podium, and he greeted us with his upright palm. Master was different, he carried this temperament that transcended the world. As Master talked about Falun Dafa and its profound meaning, my heart was deeply moved; I felt as if I had awakened from a dream, the enigma of life and fate that had puzzled me for many years was revealed: the main purpose for us coming to this world is to return to our original selves.

In the classes, Master taught the Fa every day and adjusted practitioners' bodies with his gong. Each one of us was purified from body to soul and we had different reactions. During the first few days of the class, the illnesses that I had disappeared, including myocarditis, cardiac hypertrophy, edema of the face and feet, migraine headaches, joint pain, irregular menstruation, and frequent colds or flu. For the first time in my life, I felt what it meant to be completely free of any illnesses, I felt happy, fulfilled.

On the fifth night, with Master's guidance, we were doing the sitting meditation. Master walked up to me and stopped. I had not even single crossed my legs; I was ashamed and wanted to cross my legs, and I did it! After Master saw that he turned and continued his teaching. Master eliminated much of my karma.

It was July and the weather was very hot. Many practitioners were using fans. Master said: "Put down the fans to see if you can feel the wind," I put down my fan and immediately felt a cool breeze from the back. During the eight classes, I never saw Master even drink a sip of water; his diet was just noodles and cereal.

In 1994, I went to Guangzhou for the fifth lecture series. For the first five days, I fell asleep as soon as the class started. Even though I slept soundly, I still heard every word Master taught. Master purified the body for thousands of us. I felt a cold draft of air coming out of my body. My body felt lighter and my mind clearer.

During those eight days in Guangzhou, every day I stood beside Master and saw him off until he was out of my sight. Master had a fair complexion with a healthy glow. He was always smiling, with an amiable demeanor.

In order to save the beings in the universe, Master saved us from hell, washed us clean, bore the karma that we carried for generations. Evil still poisons sentient beings. As Dafa practitioners we can only be diligent, clarify the truth, do the three things well, and not let Master down.

Please compassionately point out any shortcomings.