(Clearwisdom.net) The following describes how some of the Falun Dafa practitioners detained in the cells of the "Education" Section of Heizuizi Women's Prison in Changchun City, Jilin Province, have been tortured.

Guan Peixia Has Symptoms of Heart Disease after Being Severely Tortured

Ms. Guan Peixia is a peasant from Jiaohe. She has been illegally detained for practicing Falun Dafa. She was once detained in a cell in the Old and Disabled Section of the prison and was tortured many times by the Section chief, Fu Shuping, and severely beaten by inmates. She was followed and monitored around the clock by inmates and on several occasions was tied up on a bed for long periods of time.

In 2006, Ms. Guan was confined in a room on the fourth floor of a building in the Education Section and the guards tried to forcibly "transform" her. She went on a hunger strike to protest. The guards instigated an inmate, Ta Li from Beijing, to force-feed Ms. Guan. Three inmates, Wang Yanmei, Shang Wanfen from Changchun City, and Zhang Wenjie from Jilin City, grabbed her hair and pinned her head against a wall. They often beat and swore at her. Zhang Yufeng and Liu Yaqian previously practiced Falun Dafa but had been "transformed." They used various methods to intimidate, seduce, and threaten Ms. Guan. Her arms and legs were extended and tied to the four corners of a bed, suspending her entire body in the air. She was kept in this position for two days. As a result, her back, arms, and legs were severely injured. She is now not able to stand for very long. She suffers from lower back pain and is not able to lift heavy objects. She is not able to work and has difficulty looking after herself. Recently, she has developed some symptoms of severe heart disease.

Sun Lihong Rendered Senseless after Brutal Persecution

Sun Lihong was a factory worker. When she refused to be "transformed," Diao Shuanyun, a collaborator, stripped her naked and made her stand. Another collaborator, Chen Yanmei from Changchun, poked her face with an oil pen. Black marks from the pen are still visible on her face. The inmates beat and swore at Ms. Sun and tied her to a bed for more than 40 days. They also did not allow her to go to the toilet. She now suffers from the after-effects and has to go to the toilet every 40 minutes. Due to the relentless, severe torture, she has become expressionless and dumb, cannot understand others, and easily becomes frightened.

Wang Xingxiang's Muscles Have Become Weak After Severe Torture

Wang Xingxiang, 55, from Dehui, Jilin Province, is a housewife. She was sent to prison for not giving up her belief in Falun Dafa. She has been locked in a confined space several times. She was hung in the air and her arms and legs were tied to the four corners of a bed many times. She suffers after-effects as a result. She has little strength left and feels pain and numbness in her arms.

In April and May 2007, Ms. Wang was locked in a confined space again. She was tied to a bed for a long time. Even though it was the heat of summer, she was not allowed to change her clothes, have a shower, or even go to the toilet.

Ms. Wang has developed skin ulcerations and the flesh on her buttcks has festered. She is traumatized and is still being tortured.

Ms. Ban Huijuan Suffers From Mental Aberration After Being Severely Tortured

Practitioner Ban Huijuan is suffering from mental disorder after being severely tortured. She is afraid to see people and automatically hides herself behind other people's backs when she sees someone. She does not dare to speak to people. She has nightmares and shouts in her sleep.

She has lost her memory and doesn't remember her age. She also cannot recall the names of the people she has just met. She even forgets her son's age and does not know whether she has any brothers or sisters.

She cannot walk properly and also passes blood. Her eyes cannot adjust to the light and she can barely see.

Ms. Sun Shuying is Tortured

Practitioner Ms. Sun Shuying is 54 years old and comes from Changchun. She has been tortured for not giving up her belief. Collaborator Wang Li from Linjiang doesn't allow Ms. Sun to go to the toilet and tries to force her to give up her cultivation.

Relevant personnel in the Education Section:

Section Chief Cao Hong
Deputy Section Chief Zhao Dongxia
Instructor of the First Team Deng Yonghui
Instructor of the Second Team Ni Xiaohong
Yang Xi, Liu Panyin, Zhang Tingting, Officer Lu and Instructor Dong
Phone: 86-431-85375089