(Clearwisdom.net) One day our study group went to a practitioner's home to watch and study Master's recent video lecture "To the Australia Fa Conference." As soon as the video played on the computer screen we saw Master once again! When we saw Master coming onto the stage and heard his "Greetings" we were more than excited and couldn't help shedding tears.

The practitioners were sitting there, listening respectfully to the Fa and feeling Master's infinite compassion. One practitioner in front stood up quietly and moved the mouse on one side of the computer. Since we had hurriedly begun playing the video, the mouse pointer had fallen on Master's body on screen.

The practitioner's behavior reminded me of another practitioner at our Dafa materials production site. For the past years he had taken careful, minute charge of each piece of Master's articles, from downloading to printing. After accurately laying out pages and before printing, with respect to Master and the Fa, he and other practitioners compared the article with the original one on Minghui website again and again, made sure it was accurate, clear and orderly, and then printed it out. He stayed up many nights because of his attention to detail. In communication he said, "Any work for Dafa should be done quickly. Master has said one day at present equals one minute in the past. If practitioners receive Master's Fa and articles late, it's not only a loss for the Fa and practitioners, it also means we don't indeed respect Master and the Fa; we are merely paying lip service."

During the hardest time of the persecution, with compassion and wisdom endowed from the Fa he had selflessly coordinated our local Fa clarification projects, Master's Fa articles, Minghui Weekly Journals, Minghui Weekly, articles and announcements from Minghui Editorial Department and others. Once they were released on the Minghui website, with other practitioner's help, he always let practitioners receive the articles on time.

A couple of elderly practitioners who have studied the Fa for more than ten years keep the cover of their Zhuan Falun neat as new. When I initially heard of this I didn't quite understand. I even thought this is only an external form; I never thought it's related to developing Xinxing. Isn't my notion a kind of aberrant mindset, influenced by the Communist Party's culture?

I myself didn't do well in the aspect of respecting Master and the Fa, and I concealed this shortcoming with the excuse of "Master doesn't stress external forms." Actually, one can reach the state of respecting Master and the Fa sincerely only if he keeps the Fa in mind and always has righteous thoughts.

Respecting Master and the Fa, from another point of view, is a direct reflection of a practitioner's Xinxing level. We understand the Fa's principles. If we can't do well in respecting Master and the Fa, isn't that a big omission for our cultivation? This issue is closely related to Xinxing.

While communicating with other practitioners recently, we feel ever more that we shouldn't be numb and neglect respecting Master and the Fa.

Master is so merciful that he considers all the students as disciples. Then, in daily life, no matter where we are, we Dafa disciples should have a pure demeanor and a pure mentality as the Fa expects of us. We should not use Master's mercy as an excuse to absolve ourselves from wrongdoing and indulge ourselves. That is a bad influence, not only on new practitioners and for the practice environment, but also on peoples' attitude toward Dafa; thus it does prevent people from being saved.

Of course, one's Xinxing manifests in many different ways. I am only sharing with you about respecting Master and the Fa.