(Clearwisdom.net) At noon on September 12, 2007, I was in a hurry to get to the group study. I didn't have time to take in the peanuts that were drying outside under the sun. During the group study, it rained heavily. When I came back home, I took the peanuts inside and spread them on the floor to dry out. The next morning, I checked them. Apparently, those that were not yet mature and shrunken were sticky and had gone bad. Those that were mature and plump were in excellent condition.

I immediately associated this with our cultivation. If we are not mature in our cultivation and haven't achieved consummation, what will the outcome be? For those who hesitated in cultivation, who were not diligent in cultivation, who were scared when encountering disturbances or troubles, or who couldn't handle the storm-like attacks, is it possible that, just like those peanuts, they are to be picked up and thrown away? It is indeed a danger!

I also realized that we should not be confused by false appearances, which could fool us if we didn't see clearly. I realized that cultivation is serious, and ignorance and laziness is not allowed. We must diligently cultivate Dafa and harmonize with what Master wants to achieve. Only when we become mature, can we be fearless and as stable as Mount Taishan when encountering sudden tests. Then we are able to overpower all evils with our righteous thoughts. Being mature or not will lead to completely different outcomes and different realms.