(Clearwisdom.net) INTRODUCTION: Ms. Wang Chunyan, a respected entrepreneur from Dalian province and the deputy general manager of Dalian Kanglai International Freight Company, has been repeatedly persecuted for practicing Falun Gong. She was arrested and is currently in detention. The following is Wang Chunyan's life story as told by her daughter.

Ms. Wang Chunyan

* * *
Hello everyone:

I am Wang Chunyan's daughter. My mother was persecuted because of practicing Falun Gong. My mother has given me everything a daughter could need. She is suffering so I must stand up and try to rescue her. This letter tells the true experiences of our family during my 26 years. I hope those who read this letter will help.

Today is October 26. I have not seen my mother now for more than 70 days. I used to attend school 400km away from my home. Now cold prison bars separate me from my mother, instead of railway tracks in the past.

I was born in 1982 and was brought up by my father since mother had serious health problems due to neurasthenia and rheumatoid arthritis. In my junior high years, mother was also found to have heart problems. During her most serious neurasthenia stage, mother had great difficulty sleeping at night. In 1994, mother started a business and soon had tremendous work pressures. Her busy job made her health even worse, and she became more and more bad tempered. My father and I lived in a family atmosphere that was very tense. Each month, mother spent over a thousand Yuan to buy nutrition supplements, medicines and therapeutic equipment.

During my high school years, mother was very busy with her work and was often away on business trips or involved with social engagements. Mother and I saw each other less and less. I could not understand her work pressures, and became increasingly more resistant to mother's discipline. This led to much conflict between us. However, because I've never been much of a talker, I did not discuss my feelings with mother and instead just ignored her.

Things finally took a favorable turn. One day someone gave mother the book Zhuan Falun. The first day after reading the book, she slept well and did not need sleeping pills. After studying the book further, years of arthritis mysteriously disappeared! Her heart problems disappeared as well. In her business, mother provided more sincere and better quality service to her customers. At home, she did housework that previously she would not do without complaint. For me, more importantly, she was willing to spend a lot of time to communicate with me and explained the principles from Zhuan Falun. This helped me to understand a lot of things that I did not know before. I now know that a person should be considerate of others and look inside to find shortcomings and mistakes. One should be truly nice to others so that everyone can achieve a peaceful living atmosphere and happy life. I was finally convinced that the principles I was learning were correct and seeing mother change, I also began to change myself. For more than 10 years our family finally had happiness and laughter.

However, with the persecution of Falun Gong, which began on July 20, 1999, unfortunate shadows of unhappiness began to fill our family. Mother was forced to stay away from home because of persecution and we could not see her very often. Regardless of whether it was day or night, the police came and knocked on our door, sometimes even in the middle of the night. However, at the time I was still being taken care of by my father and lived a worry free life. After the university entrance exam, I was excited when informed that I was accepted by a university in another city. I started to envision a good life there.

In late 2001, I received my mother's phone call, saying that my father had been missing for three days. A few hours later, I was informed that my father was in the hospital for emergency treatment and on that cold winter day, I hurried off to the hospital. Many relatives from my father's side were there. At the time I was very confused as to why there were also a few plainclothes policemen present. Later, I learned that my father was cared for by one of my aunts while hospitalized and the police suspected my mother might show up. So they lingered, waiting to capture my mother. I also found out that father was found unconscious at home after he was missing for 3 days. My relatives reported my father's case to the police, however they responded by first inquiring as to the whereabouts of my mother. After investigating at the scene, the police still did not give any explanation to my family about my father's case.

During that period of time I felt miserable every day. My father never regained consciousness and later died. Nobody knows what exactly happened to father during those three days, or who he had encountered. Father had always protected and loved me so much, now he could only lay in the bed quietly. I could only sadly watch him with my face full of tears.

The relatives found out that following a conflict with the police, my father sustained a 5 x 5 cm (2 inches square) laceration to his skull. Xigang district policeman Wu Yingnan constantly harassed father, cursed mother, and demanded money and property. Father could not tolerate this evil person's insult to my mother and he gave Wu Yingnan a slap in the face. Wu threatened my father and said, "You wait!" Not long after that my father was found injured.

My father's death was so suspicious. My relatives went to the police station to ask them to investigate. The police said, "If you want an investigation, the wife must come to the police station and file a report." Then, there were more disasters to come. Mother could not think clearly due to the huge sorrow of losing my father. She did not see through the carefully designed fraud by the police and was arrested again. Also my father's family was deeply impacted by his death.

My grandmother became paralyzed and confined to bed, and soon my grandpa passed away. The happiness and harmony of 20 family members soon collapsed. We only wanted to be good people in society and treat others well. Where is the justice?

Later on, my mother was locked up in Shenyang Dabei Women's Prison. I was only allowed to visit mother once every few months. On the first visit, I sadly found that she had changed! My beautiful and eloquent mother had become thin and haggard looking. Her beautiful long, wavy hair was now messy and cut short to her ears. She was wearing a dilapidated prison suit, and also had bruises from beatings. I stood outside the door powerlessly, just sitting and watching my mother, the only closest relative left for me in the world, back in prison where she had suffered so much.

I could do nothing but continue to bear all of this with pain.

Mother was released from prison not long after the 2004 New Year. Upon returning home, mother and I found the door was broken and our home was damaged beyond recognition. After reporting this to the police, they came to our home and the only thing they asked was, "Where did you mother go?" Once again mother had to leave and live away from home.

Until 2007 when I would graduate from the university, mother decided to rent a place because she did not want me to suffer. On August 14, 2007, mother and I went shopping in the supermarket. As soon as we got out of the car, we were arrested and taken to the police station. Our home was illegally searched and the company car driven by mother was confiscated by the police. I was held on the second floor, and mother was held on the fifth floor. Due to previous experience, I was afraid mother would be hurt again, so I repeatedly asked to see my mother to make sure she was safe. This request was unreasonably refused. I did not know how they could take custody of people in broad daylight for no reason. Then two groups of people came to interrogate me. They wanted me to follow what they said and requested me to put the blame on my mother for some things that I had never heard of. When they found that I would not do what they requested, they splashed dirty water on me, and slapped me in the face.

Now, just as thousands and thousands of other Falun Gong practitioners' children have been separated from their mothers, I miss mother every day, and worry about her safety and well-being. Although we suffer very much, we still believe that the day will come when justice will be done. The truth will be revealed and good will eventually return to earth. What we have paid today was not for gaining anything for ourselves, but for a good future in which all the kind hearted people can freely live in the world.

I hope each of you can help me.

Daughter of Wang Chunyan

Nov 7th, 2007

Background information:

Falun Gong practitioner, Ms. Wang Chunyan, was the deputy general manager of Dalian Kanglai International Freight Company. She is from Liaoning Province. Her daughter Pingping is 26-years old. On August 14, 2007, the Urban Safety Bureau and the Municipal Public Security Bureau, after tracking Ms. Wang for a few months, illegally arrested Ms. Wang Chunyan. Her sisters Wang Chunzrong and Wang Chunying, as well as more than 10 other Dafa disciples, were arrested at about the same time.

Authorities involved in this persecution:

Chen Xin: Dalian City national security team deputy team leader Tel:82637089
Jiang Chaoming: Police Head, National Security Team Jiaojian Dalian City police Station Zhong Shan sub Division. Tel: 82804361, 82637821, 83792064, 2813002
610 office:82633767,82635451
Zhang Qinwei: Zhong Shan District Director of the Navy Police Station: tel 82729007
Meng Fangang: deputy director 82716643

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