(Clearwisdom.net) Several days ago I saw a fellow practitioner who told me that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) again published a newspaper article, announcing what they were going to do, and that we should pay attention to safety. I did not pay attention to it, because after hearing so much of the CCP's treacherous information I no longer took it as something important. Yesterday I met another practitioner who said, "I have heard recently that the CCP may again want to do something. This has made me so busy. I have already tidied up my home (referring to hiding truth-clarification materials)." In the afternoon I met another practitioner who told me that some practitioners had been arrested. Upon hearing this, my human notions resurfaced. I wondered if I should tell other practitioners and alert them to pay attention to their own safety. The CCP had arrested practitioners in my region. Is the CCP planning to take concerted actions? Should I spread this information? My human notions then controlled me completely.

I still felt dejected even after my return home in the evening. My practitioner husband said, "Dinner is ready. You eat first. I need to go to someone's home to persuade them to make the three withdrawals." I was extremely reluctant to let him go. I thought he did not know what had happened, and it would not be too late if he waited a couple more days. I then asked him to hurry up and eat dinner. My husband said this would not work, because if he ate dinner first, that person would then not be at home. He asked me to eat first. I suddenly became angry, wondering why he simply did not understand. I reprimanded him, but he still left. I then saw my attachment that I should eliminate. I sent righteous thoughts to eliminate it. At the same time, I also sent righteous thoughts for my husband.

After a while my husband returned, saying that one person had withdrawn from the CCP and another person from the Young Pioneers. I then decided not to spread the news about the CCP's latest article. The practitioners who heard the information may have something that they need to improve. For those who have not heard it, they simply may not have this interference in their efforts to save people.

The CCP's persecution of Dafa practitioners has already lasted over eight years. Many people have learned the truth through Dafa practitioners' persistent fact-clarifying efforts, and seen the CCP's evil nature. So, this latest treacherous information would simply let more people see through the Party's evil nature and give us the sense of urgency to offer more people salvation.