(Clearwisdom.net) When I visited a fellow practitioner a few days ago, I brought her a VCD copy of the "2007 NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular." As we watched, the curtain slowly opened on the giant stage, and a splendid and wonderfully divine world appeared. Then there were golden lights, and Master emerged from the vault of heaven. Seeing these scenes, the other practitioner couldn't help but cry. I again felt moved and excited as well. It reminded me of the first time I saw a similar scene of Master leading the gods down to the mortal world.

When I was doing the sitting meditation the beginning of March, my body kept jolting upright but I was not lifted into the air. It seemed something in my body was locked to prevent me from rising into the air. "Perhaps I have attachments preventing me from levitating?" I felt anxious while still in meditation. What attachments? Complacency? Showing off or fear? One by one, I tried to dig out those attachments and eliminate them. However, I still couldn't rise. I felt somewhat impatient. Suddenly I realized, "I have the attachment of pursuit." I was seeking supernatural capabilities! Then I realized I was not just seeking supernatural capabilities but had been seeking things ever since I started to practice Dafa. I was seeking to have the life I hoped to have and seeking to achieve my life's goal. Although I hoped to have a plain and simple life, wasn't it still a pursuit? I hoped to be healthy and other things that other people seek. I hoped to have peace and contentment in life through Dafa. I hoped to be respected because of my Dafa cultivation. I thought at one time I had no fundamental attachments, but suddenly realized how many attachments I harbored in my subconsciousness!

After that, I felt a kind of swelling in my heart. Perhaps it was the heart of pursuit! "Eliminate it!" I couldn't help but having this thought immediately. Thinking of how countless fellow practitioners had risked everything they had in the ordinary world, even their lives, to do well the Three Things with a righteous mind and without the attachment of pursuit and desire, thinking of how Master gave up everything to the utmost limit to save sentient beings, and then looking at myself, I even worried about and was attached to this minute supernatural capability in this human world, besides many other human thoughts.

While I was thinking, suddenly a magnificent and grand scene manifested before me. Master was leading majestic, countless gods and Buddhas as they descended from the heavens. There were so many, just like the surging waves of the Yellow River entering the ocean, billowing and surging forward with great momentum. The gods and Buddhas were walking down without turning back. They were so holy and pure and compassionate! Their realms were all bright, wonderful, and splendid. They possessed what people couldn't imagine. However, in order to save the sentient beings, they left behind all they had and came down to this most filthy mortal world. I was one of them.

Seeing this scene moved me to tears. I had forgotten how I had followed Master coming down from the firmament to the Three-Realms. The original heaven was so beautiful, joyful, and wonderful. What I originally had was beyond what I could currently imagine or understand. However, I gave up all and came to this world without condition. How could these trifling supernatural capabilities in this world sway me now and have me attached to them? I felt profoundly ashamed.

I thought of Master. Master gave up all and came down with twists and turns along the path, with dramatic tribulations to suffer at each level. Through tens of thousands of years of reincarnations, we waited until the time Dafa spread widely. Master disseminated the Fa widely. Master tried hard to find us and to awaken us, one by one. He watched us and encouraged us while saving sentient beings with the most generous and most benevolent heart. Considering this I felt grieved, sorry, and ashamed. I felt grieved for Master, to suffer so many tribulations and boundless pains for us; I felt sorry that we still needed Master to suffer for us; and I felt ashamed that what I did was so little, but what I needed was so much.

Then I saw a precipitous mountain peak with many ladders leading to heaven against a cliff. Many people were doing their best to climb the ladders, but there were many demons, monsters, and ugly, fierce, giant birds flying around. They were trying to disturb the climbers, to block their view or waste their energy; they might suddenly fly down to attack the climbers, or even kill them outright. People on the ladders tenaciously climbed up while bravely fighting those demons and monsters with knives and swords. It was an extremely tragic battle. More and more demons and monsters flying around the cliff were eliminated. At the same time, many climbers dropped from the ladders and fell to the bottomless chasm. However, Master caught everyone of those who had fallen into the bottomless chasm and put them on the mountain peak. Many of the climbers did reach the peak by climbing the ladders. Then I came. Because there were not many monsters left, I climbed up very easily.

In the unseen world, I heard Master repeatedly telling me, "Be sure to improve xinxing!"

"I understood! I finally understood!" I said with tears, "I must cultivate solidly and advance diligently. I must do well what I should do and once more return to the heavens." I felt my inner self grow up again and became more firm, more reserved, and more calm.

Over ten days later, I watched the Chinese New Year Spectacular video and saw the "Creation" piece. Once again I saw the scene where Master led the gods descending to the mortal world. My human side once again experienced Master's mighty power and benevolence, and I realized my responsibility and the vow that I had made before.

When I watched "Creation" this time, with the Fa-rectification in its final stage, I had a different feeling. Isn't the current world the gigantic stage across which Master is leading Dafa practitioners to create the new world? We should harmonize Dafa, offer sentient beings salvation, assist Master with Fa-rectification, and fulfill our vow to create a new epoch of the universe. What will happen in this dimension and many other dimensions will be more grand and magnificent. I can't help but think of Master's teaching at the "Fa Teaching at the US Capital." The Consummation for the genuine Dafa practitioners in the period of Fa-rectifications will be certain. However, the current worldly people are also the beings from different dimensions and levels and they gave up everything to come down to the world with righteous thoughts. They are also the precious beings. We should not leave them behind and should try to save these precious beings with everything we have.

Fellow practitioners: let us do better in explaining the truth about Falun Dafa:

"The focus for you right now is simply to find ways to do better, to be more efficient, to have a greater impact, and to save more people" ("Fa Teaching at the U.S. Capital")

Let us rescue them from the old forces' hands. The New Epoch will come. Practitioners and the gods who firmly believe in Dafa should greet the glorious future together.

October 30, 2007