(Clearwisdom.net) I used to be a high school teacher. When the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) arrested me and sent me to prison, my son hadn't even started school. By the time I was released, my son was in fourth grade. As a result of being neglected and bullied at school, he suffered a lot and did poorly in his studies.

After I was released, I decided to help my son, and every day, I made time to study the Fa with him. By the end of the first semester, he scored 92 points in the math exam and 100 points in the last semester exam. He improved in foreign languages too. Out of 500 students in the fifth grade, my son came 24th. Achieving such grades in elementary school gave him a chance to attend a better middle school. The dramatic improvements in his grades caused many people to marvel. My son even told me: "Mother, I haven't even tried my best, yet I still get such good grades. Falun Dafa brings me great wisdom."

Around the same time, another local practitioner suffered imprisonment too. Her son was in middle school. His father became an alcoholic. Caught in this situation, her son got lost in society, and received bad grades. When the mother was released, she guided him back onto the path of cultivation. After finishing the major exam in 2005, he started going to his aunt's house to catch up in his studies. His aunt was also a Dafa practitioner. He realized the importance of doing the three things. He started clarifying the truth to his classmates, and persuaded them to quit the CCP. Once his righteous thoughts returned, a miracle happened. He thought: "I just want to catch up in my studies. With my poor grades I have no chance of going to college." His parents thought the same thing. Instead, after a year of studying the Fa next to his aunt he has improved so much that the next year, he went to college. He never thought about gaining anything, but his grades just kept rising, making him in the top ten percent of his grade level. He scored well on the exams, and was placed in a batch of students that were sent to the top college.

I wrote this as a note to young Dafa disciples who are busy with their school work. Your age doesn't restrict you from the vow you made. In any situation there is always time for Dafa practitioners to cultivate themselves. Dafa's expectations of any practitioner are always the same. Master wouldn't go easy on you just because you are busy with schoolwork. Become righteous and set Dafa as your main priority. Use the Fa to guide you, do the three things well. Do not miss this long awaited chance.

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