(Clearwisdom.net) Canadian Minister of the Environment John Baird sent a letter to Falun Gong practitioners on October 31, 2007. He stated that the Canadian government takes seriously "the allegations regarding the existence of concentration camp-style prisons for Falun Gong practitioners located throughout the People's Republic of China and the allegations of organ harvesting from prisoners interned in these camps."

Minister Baird said in his letter, "Since these grave allegations were made public, our government has maintained an active effort to seek verification and corroboration of such claims. Canadian government officials have, on a regular basis, been in contact with non-governmental organizations, like minded countries, as well as with Mr. Manfred Nowak, United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture, in order to share information."

The letter stated, "Canadian government officials have met regularly with Falun Gong representatives in Canada and have found such exchanges very useful in Canada's continuing efforts to verify and corroborate these allegations."

Baird continued in his letter, "A central goal of Canada's foreign policy toward China is focusing increased attention on the human rights conditions in that country, and working to improve these conditions. Canada is greatly concerned about the treatment of spiritual groups in China, including the Falun Gong, and continues to raise these matters with the Chinese government on all appropriate occasions. Canada is also worried about the illegal organ transplantation from executed prisoners in China."

"Officials of the Canadian government have emphasized to Chinese authorities their concern that all organ donations in China must take place with the free and informed consent of the donor, consistent with international norms."