(Clearwisdom.net) In July 2007, fifteen Falun Gong practitioners from Chengguan Town, Buyunqiao Town, and Guanjiazui Town of Qidong County were illegally arrested. Their names are listed as follows: Kuang Zongyao (56 years old), Kuang Sen (more than 40 years old), Tan Luyun, Peng Fayang, Peng Shumei, Peng Fang, Zou Fangmei, Tan Cuixiu, Tan Yuxiu (58 years old), He Qionghui (38 years old), Xiao Luyun (54 years old), Deng Caiyun, Wang Meihua (58 years old), and Li Fenxiu. Several of them were sentenced to forced labor camps. Kuang Zongyao was sentenced to one year, Tan Cuixiu to half a year, and He Qionghui to half a year. Wang Meihua was released after the police extorted 20,000 yuan from him. In addition, the family members of some practitioners bribed the perpetrators and obtained the releases of the practitioners. However, they were afraid of the CCP's retaliation and were not willing to disclose the information.

Kuang Zongyao was reported for stamping truth-clarifying information on paper currency. Kuang Sen was arrested for selling and installing a satellite receiver for NTDTV. Most of the practitioners were arrested for possessing Falun Gong materials. Most of them were seriously beaten. Kuang Sen was beaten for seven days. Peng Fang was beaten to the verge of death.

In October 2007, practitioners Xiao Shuyun, Peng Xixiu and Zhou Huali from Chengguan Town, Qidong County were arrested. Xiao Shuyun was handcuffed to a window for 48 hours. Xiao Xixiu suffered numerous injures due to beatings. Some other practitioners' whereabouts are currently unknown.