I always had the problem of being car sick. Once it began, it would take me five to six days to recover. After I began my cultivation, all my other illnesses went away, but the notion of my motion sickness remained, and I had stayed away from long bus or car trips.

Recently, I needed to go back to my hometown. Three days ahead of the trip I began thinking about being car sick and the day before the trip, I packed all kinds of stuff like naval patches and sanitary bags. I did not eat or drink anything on the morning of the day I departed, but I felt nauseous and started throwing up as soon as the trip began. My son had to stop the car from time to time and my husband could not do anything except worry. When I was in pain, I called out loudly, "Teacher!" Within seconds I felt my chest and stomach getting better, and I was able to relax. My son started the car again and drove for three to four hours, all the way to my hometown with no more problems. When we got there, I was able to eat normally, whereas in previous trips I wouldn't be able to keep down food for several days after the trip.

Through this incident, I have learned the following.

1. As a practitioner, I need to trust Teacher and Dafa at all times. Teacher is always watching and caring for us because we are practitioners. As long as we think of Teacher, Teacher will sustain us.

2. If we think of something as an illness, it amounts to asking for it. As Teacher said:

"As a practitioner, if you always believe that you have an illness, you are in fact asking for it. If you ask for it, the illness is able to squeeze in. As a practitioner, your Xinxing must be high. You should not always feel afraid that you are ill as such a fear is an attachment as well, which could bring you trouble, too. (Lecture 6, Zhuan Falun)

Indeed, if I think about motion sickness or get afraid of having it, then am I not asking for it? I study the Fa everyday, but I did not act according to the Fa when I was faced with problems. It means that my cultivation was not truly solid. I have learned my lesson and I will work harder.

3. This incident was a lesson for my husband and son, too, as they witnessed the wonder of Dafa. My son and daughter-in-law have both decided to quit the Communist Party and the Youth League. I had asked them several times in the past, but they were always afraid to follow my advice.