(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Cai Jichun is from the Miao'ergou Village, Jiudaoling Town, Yi County, Liaoning Province. Since he began to practice Falun Gong, he has been cultivating his heart to be kind and has abandoned many bad habits. His family life became more harmonious. He treated everyone in the neighborhood kindly. For several years, he repaired roads in his village and voluntarily cleaned up snow on the roads in the winter. Villagers praised him as a kindhearted person who wholeheartedly thought about other villagers.

On the morning of October 25, 2007, While he was out earning income riding his tricycle, Mr. Cai was followed, arrested and then taken to the Yi County Police Department by police. Afterwards, four or five officers from the State Security Division of the Yi County Police Department and the Chengguan Township Police Station illegally searched his home and seized Dafa books and some truth clarification materials. They took his wife to the office of the State Security Division, where she was interrogated. Later, she began twitching and went into shock, so the officers allowed her daughter to take her home. Mr. Cai was taken to the Jinzhou City No. 2 Detention center and his tricycle was confiscated by the State Security Division.

Mr. Cai suffered persecution several times. In 1999, officers of the Jiudaoling Town Police Station took him to the Yi County Detention Center without any cause and detained him there for 15 days. Just after he was released, Zhang Maoyan (male), then CCP village secretary, searched his home. Before leaving, Zhang Maoyan intimidated and threatened Mr. Cai.

On October 24, 2004, Mr. Cai was again arrested and taken to the Yi County Detention Center by officers from the State Security Division of the Yi County Police Department and Jiudaoling Town Police Station under the pretext that he was not allowed to appeal in Beijing during the 16th National Congress of the CCP. This time he was detained for 26 days. Later, the officers tried to extort money from him, but he flatly refused. Even so, the authorities of the Yi County Detention Center extorted the last 300 yuan from his family. Only then he was released.

Mr. Cai's wife does not work and his two daughters are in high school. The source of their livelihood depends on his providing transportation by tricycle. Now that he has been detained and his tricycle confiscated, the whole family is in a difficult position.

Telephone numbers:

State Security Division of the Yi County Police Department: 86-416-7721648
Jiang Cheng (male), the director of the Division: 86-13840660953 (Cell)
Wang Ning (male), the political head of the Division: 86-13700160114 (Cell), 86-416-7710087

Written on November 05, 2007