Music and Lyrics by Xiaoshi
Vocals by Yang Jiansheng
Instrumental accompaniment by Yang Yang

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English Translation:

Since times of old, we all have homes,
People care about their homes.
Home's a house that's built on earth
Where Mom and Dad live inside.
Raising kids, their boys and girls,
Crying and laughing, living life.
Parents get old and pass away,
Children marry and become moms and dads.

Living through life's joys and sorrows, together and apart,
Tasting in life what's sweet and sour, the bitter and the sharp.

History like a river runs, life after life,
Everyone has had so many homes.

True life comes from Heaven,
Originally pure and free from stain.
Falling to this muddy world, dreaming, not awake,
In delusion, it's hard to tell true from false.
Not knowing where we really live,
Not knowing we came this time for Fa.

Don't be fooled by the moon on the water,
Fa shines brightly, come home quickly.
Don't be fooled by flowers in a mirror,
Fa shines brightly, come home quickly.

February 19, 2007