(Clearwisdom.net) Time can only restrain humans, not gods. Things can progress at the fastest speed when our thoughts are based on the Fa.

Last year, a thought kept coming to my mind during our promotion of the Chinese New Year Spectacular-- that we should handle it a certain way because many people would wait until the last month to buy tickets. The thought that "people would not buy tickets until the last month" had indeed affected the situation as a whole. In our area, it was indeed true that we were able to sell tickets only in the last month. As a result, we still had unsold tickets in the end.

This year, fellow practitioners have said that we should keep some measures for the last minute because it is only in the last month that people will buy tickets. I believe that this is a human notion. In fact, once the news of the Spectacular is released, those who want to see the show will buy tickets. There is no time frame as to when people buy their tickets. We should not think with human notions, because if we do, we will be unknowingly arranging for people to buy their tickets during the last month. Time can only restrain humans, not gods. The Spectacular is for saving sentient beings, and we should not put any obstacles in place for people with our human notions. Last year, all the tickets for the Spectacular in Ottawa were sold out before the show. I think this was due to practitioners not basing their thoughts on human notions. When our thoughts are based on the Fa, things will progress at the fastest speed.

Eliminate the human notions we have accumulated in ordinary society--Let's cooperate as a whole body

Some areas have proposed various ways to promote the Spectacular and have spent a lot of time trying to modify and upgrade them. However, one thing we must not overlook and should have a clear focus on is selling tickets. The promotion is a process, and if we combine the promotion with the selling of tickets, it will certainly be very effective. In ordinary society, people focus on how to use various ways to promote the sale of their products. However, the experience they have accumulated are human ways of thinking about it, which are exactly what we should eliminate through cultivation. For us, the most important thing is to take direct action rather than make proposals. I find through my own experience that when we take action, Master will arrange for the people with predestined relationships to come our way, and when we do so, we will find new opportunities. Let us go out and work as one body. When we all put our hearts into making the Spectacular a success, it will be a success.

Whether people are rich or poor, it is a person's heart that matters

Some practitioners say that we should take into consideration a person's buying power. Some consumer groups are rather poor, and cannot afford to buy tickets, so we should focus on the wealthy, and on those who can more easily afford it. In fact, this is another human notion. When it comes to saving sentient beings, every life has the same opportunity. There should be no differentiation by people's financial status. The key point is a person's heart. If someone really wants to see the show, even if he or she cannot afford to buy a ticket, someone else will buy the ticket for him or her. Last year, I found that people wanted to buy tickets for the show because they thought it was a good show and worth watching. Even those who were not rich found a way to get a ticket, having money or not didn't seem to matter. The righteous field that Dafa has placed in the human world has also helped people awaken, and some of them do cherish the opportunity. Last year, I came across an older lady, who said when she saw our TV promotion, "This is what I have been looking for."

In order to approach people, look at things from their perspective--Go into their social environment, and guide them to come and buy tickets to see the show

We should not base our thoughts on our own angle and then try to ask people to accept our Spectacular. Instead, we should look at things from the perspective of the people, mix with them in their environment, help them to understand the Spectacular, and guide them to buy tickets to see the show.

Sometimes, I take some copies of The Epoch Times newspaper to distribute in various universities and shops. I notice the excitement in people's eyes when they see the paper. I realize that they have been waiting for the paper, waiting for the Fa all along. The Epoch Times newspaper has offered them an opportunity and they are very happy to accept it. I have met several people who told me that they bought tickets for the Spectacular after reading the advertisement in The Epoch Times.

Of course, distributing the newspaper is not the only way to approach those in society, and there are other things we can do. Take putting up the posters, for example. The way I do it is to go to shops, one by one. Many shops have allowed me to put up the poster on their doors or windows. Every shop has its own customers, and in this way, we have already walked into the circles of people in various communities.

November 11, 2007