(Clearwisdom.net) Luotaishanzhuang Brainwashing Center was founded in 2003. It is located in the suburban area of the Dongzhou District, Fushun City, Liaoning Province. Its purpose is to detain and forcefully "transform" Falun Gong practitioners. It is publicly labeled the "Liaoning Provincial Love and Care Center" or "Fushun City's Love and Care School."

Prior to 2007, the center was supervised by Fushun City's 610 Office. Since 2007, the Liaoning Provincial 610 Office has taken it over. According to the staff who worked there, since its founding, the center has illegally detained over 500 practitioners from Shenyang, Dalian, Fushun, Panjin, Tieling, and Huludao cities in Liaoning Province.

To maintain the functioning of the center, its funding comes from two known sources. The first source is the CCP. For every practitioner detained, the CCP appropriates 2,000 yuan. The second source is the Neighborhood Administration Offices, which oversee practitioners' residential areas. The offices allocate 1500 yuan for each practitioner in their administration areas. Some offices have shifted the burden to practitioners' families or work units.

The staff members in the brainwashing center are divided into the following four sections: (Note: except for those who take active roles in the persecution, other staff members are replaced frequently.)

1. Primary personnel in charge:

Jiang, newly transferred from Fushun City's 610 Office, is the "head of the center."
Kou, director of the "Transformation" Department of Fushun City's 610 Office: 86-13942317638(Cell)

Wu Wei, the former commander of the Fushun City Re-education Center, was responsible for detaining and forcefully "transforming" practitioners. His name has been placed on the "Infamous List of Villains" on the Clearwisdom website. He is specifically responsible for organizing and implementing methods of forced "transformation." Wu is extremely hypocritical and deceptive, and he claims that he has transformed more than 4,000 Falun Gong practitioners. His phone number is 86-13050167946 (Cell).

2. Officers

Known as "teaching assistants," these officers are basically laid-off workers from Fushun City's Coal Mining Group. They live in the center and receive wages. They are given 20 yuan per night. Their main responsibilities are monitoring practitioners, trying to find out about their families and work matters, and reporting to their supervisors in a timely manner the mental states of those practitioners. They also participate in trying to "transform" practitioners.

Chen Ying is the team leader in charge of overall supervision. He is deeply poisoned by the CCP. His phone number is 86-413-8971169.

Li Chunliang is the Committee Member responsible for forcing practitioners to watch the CCP's TV programs that slander Dafa and Dafa disciples. He is deeply poisoned by the CCP as well. 86-13358693171 (Cell).

3. Collaborators

Also known as "teaching assistants", these were once genuine practitioners who then enlightened along an evil path. They live in the center and receive wages. Like the officers, they are responsible for monitoring practitioners, their families, and work matters, and they too report to their supervisors about the mental states of practitioners who where once persecuted. They use lies and deceit to mislead genuine practitioners.

Liu Zhange, former assistant coordinator of the Fushun City practice site: 86-413-7690087 (Home), 86-13591532100 (Cell)


a. Police officers

Liu Qingwen, formerly an officer with the Fushun City Re-education Center, is responsible for organizing collaborators to persecute Dafa disciples. 86-413-6902181.
Jiang Yongfeng has participated in forcefully "transforming" practitioners in Fushun City Re-education Center.

b. Logistics personnel

c. Medical Staff: One medical staff person selected from designated hospitals in Fushun City is assigned to the center. The person lives in the center for about two weeks.