(Clearwisdom.net) On September 4, 2007, one day prior to the Davos Conference, people from the government departments in Dalian City, each local community management committee, and each police station received an "urgent notification." It said, "On September 2, over 300 Falun Gong practitioners went to the airport and surrounded the second most powerful person in the country. It caused a great stir in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Central Committee. The result is that people from every community management committee and police station are required to closely watch Falun Gong practitioners from September 6 to September 12, when the conference ends. Especially watch those who have been released from prisons and forced labor camps, people who often appeal to the government, people who are off their military obligations or appear to be unstable, people who have religious belief, the unemployed, and others."

In the afternoon, people from the community committee and the police station began harassing practitioners and their families. They ordered the families to guarantee that their practitioner family members would not go out during the Davos Conference. They also arrested practitioners who were deemed as key personnel.

As a matter of fact, this incident in which over 200 people demonstrated in front of key Chinese officials actually had to do with some local citizens who were supposed to move to a newly-built residential area near Yingke Road and the airport in the Ganjingzi District of Dalian City. Because they had bought their new homes without being granted construction permits, the electricity was cut off in the area and the residents couldn't move in. Their problem had not been dealt with for a long time so about 200 people participated in a demonstration that blocked traffic. It was right at the time when the people from the Dalian City municipal committee and government went to the airport to greet key CCP officials. Overall, six people ended up being arrested.

In order to cover up the truth, the CCP officials in Dalian City defamed Falun Gong and slandered Falun Gong practitioners. What really happened was that some local citizens appealed to the government because their problem had not been resolved. The authorities used this as an excuse to claim that social stability was being threatened, and forced each workplace to guarantee so-called "stability" during the Davos Conference. They deceived those in charge at each local community management committee and police station into giving their assistance without their being aware of the true situation.

This is yet another instance of the CCP's scandalous nature. We hope everyone from each local community management committee and police station clearly sees through the evil nature of the CCP, is not deceived by its lies, resists being used by the CCP in persecuting its own people, quits the Party quickly, and chooses a bright future for themselves.