(Clearwisdom.net) I have had several experiences while clarifying the facts that concern me, and I would like to bring them up with fellow practitioners. Once I talked to a taxi driver, who said, "Falun Gong believers are bizarre. The other day, one told me that the 1999 disaster was real. People all around the world would have died if his master had not removed the threat. And now, time is moving faster because his master is pushing it. Isn't this nonsense?" I realized that the fellow practitioner spoke at too high a level. This does not accomplish the goal of saving people. On the contrary, it pushes them away.

Another time, while I was clarifying the facts to an acquaintance, he mentioned one of his relatives, who is a practitioner like me. His relative does not help out around his home, nor does he help take care of his child. All day long, he practices the exercises and reads Falun Gong books. All he thinks about is consummation. I perceived that the extreme behavior of this fellow practitioner has hurt others.

On another occasion, a person told me that a few days prior, several village women spoke to him about Falun Dafa. In the beginning, he believed what they told him. But then they said that he would go to hell if he did not say that Dafa was good. Each of them spoke to him repeatedly, which scared him. He then believed that they were trying to frighten people into making them believe in Falun Dafa.

On these occasions, I explained what Falun Dafa was and why each person needed to resign from Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. I talked at a basic level using the simplest language. Most of the people replied that I had some valid points. Some agreed with what I said and went on to resign from the CCP.

These are anecdotes, but the results I saw were bad. This rash behavior hurts people instead of saving them. I think it is because we have not studied the Fa well. In the Fa, Teacher has outlined how to clarify the facts. Let's start from the basics: being a good person, maintaining good health, the issues of human rights, and freedom of belief. Also, we should speak in a way that others can understand. Teacher has emphasized repeatedly that we are not to talk about things at too high a level because a Dafa disciple's mission is to save people, not destroy them. We will learn how to do this if we study the Fa sincerely. When we study the Fa well, our positive energy field will touch people and save them during our truth clarification. How can anyone be hostile under these circumstances?

I once met a fellow practitioner who spoke with a lofty tone, freely speaking about other dimensions and gods. Listeners laughed at him and mocked him, and he became upset. Later I learned that he seldom studied the Fa and his cultivation progressed very slowly. I think that we can only obtain the Fa by studying the Fa. We gain wisdom when we study the Fa. It is not hard to clarify the facts as Teacher requested. Our own words and actions are the best way to validate Fa and the best source for the material that we use in truth clarification. The above situations should not happen. We should clarify the facts with a benevolent heart toward saving people, not with attachments. Let us not be moved by listeners' emotions. We should speak with rationality and wisdom, and our results will improve.